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5 Considerations to Help Choose the Right Soybean Trait Platform

Soybean field

In 2021, there could potentially be four herbicide-resistant soybean trait platforms available — Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® (glyphosate and dicamba resistant), XtendFlex® (glyphosate, glufosinate and dicamba resistant), LibertyLink® (glyphosate and glufosinate resistant) and Enlist (glyphosate, glufosinate and 2,4-D resistant). While it’s always great to have options, sometimes adding new technology can create confusion and uncertainty about which seed you should choose. As you consider soybean purchases for 2021, keep these five things in mind.


1. Research product performance to inform trait decisions.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but at the end of the day you need to be confident that the seed you choose is the best fit for your acres. Using WinField® United Characterization Charts (CHT Tool) in tandem with local and regional Answer Plot® data can help you narrow down your seed selection choices. You can see how various products are performing on ground similar to yours to make a more informed decision.  


2. Consider your biggest agronomic challenges.

Agronomics should trump trait platform when it comes to making a soybean seed decision. Work with your agronomist to determine the biggest challenges that stand in the way of your goals. Then use those insights to find seed products that deliver solutions for your toughest agronomic issues, whether that’s disease pressure or variable soils.


3. Compare the herbicide efficacy of different trait options.

After you’ve considered product performance and agronomic needs, think about the different trait platforms available. You’ll find similar weed control efficacy with the latest 2,4-D and dicamba technologies, and the older herbicide-resistant traits are still a good option for many farmers. No matter what trait platform you choose, you’ll still need to plan a season-long weed control program that includes preemergence and residual weed control products.


4. Evaluate price, but look more closely at value.

Obviously price plays into every decision you make on the farm. But instead of making decisions solely on price, think of the overall value and revenue potential of your purchases. Ask your agronomist about economical ways to protect your seed investment, such as using an effective seed treatment or adding the right adjuvants to improve weed control.


5. Know what trait platforms your neighbors are using.

Knowing what soybean trait platform your neighbor intends to plant can be helpful as you make seed decisions. Choosing compatible traits can help reduce the risk of off-target spray damage to your neighbor’s crops and offer more peace of mind.


Choosing a soybean trait platform doesn’t have to be complicated. Armed with the right information, you can easily narrow down the field of products to those that are the best fit for your acres. With in-season dicamba uncertainty lingering, it’s helpful to develop a seed management plan with your agronomist so you’re prepared no matter what the season brings. Contact your WinField United retailer for customized soybean seed recommendations as you plan for 2021.


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