Agriculture research from WinField® United
Answer Plot® Program

Answer Plot® Program

The Answer Plot® Program is a premier research and demonstration resource that has produced more than 5 million data points and one of the industry’s most extensive data sets. Product performance is tested and proven in replicated field trials at nearly 200 Answer Plot® locations. We use applied science to analyze and compare statistical seed and crop protection data from CROPLAN® and WinField® United products, as well as competitor and partner products. This localized information can help you fine‐tune your seed and management decisions down to the acre.


Agriculture Research and Innovation

Our research and innovation has evolved to become among the best in the industry


WinField® United Innovation Center

The WinField® United Innovation Center houses a proprietary Spray Analysis System that uses laser technology to measure droplet size and spectrum with various spray solutions, formulations, nozzles and equipment settings for thorough product evaluation.

Answer Plot® Shared Operations 

Answer Plot® Shared Operations is the central facility for the Answer Plot® Program, providing regional Answer Plot® research teams with products, machinery and whatever else is necessary to prepare for an Answer Plot® event.

Sure-Tech Laboratories 

Sure-Tech Laboratories provides timely, cost-effective and reliable soil- and tissue-testing services and analysis so you can take any corrective action necessary. Learn More