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SureTech® is a full-service agricultural lab that provides retailers access to the timely, cost-effective, reliable data their farmers need to make better decisions. With over 50 years of experience, a dedicated team of chemists and lab technicians using the most innovative technology, and a new location with ample space and resources, SureTech has earned its reputation as a trusted partner to retailers across the U.S.


From traditional testing in a timely manner (24-72 hours) to specialty services, including soybean cyst nematode testing, soil nitrogen testing and end-of-season stalk nitrate testing, SureTech can help any operation run smoother and smarter.

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Sending in samples

When samples are received at our Indianapolis location, they are immediately logged in, dried, ground and analyzed. A report is then generated based on the needs of your farmer and delivered within the promised turnaround time.

Sampling supplies available; contact a SureTech team member for details.

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Retailers - download a request form to submit a sample.

Feed Request Form Forage Request Form  Soil Request Form  Fertilizer/Manure Request Form Corn Nitrate Request Form Mixer Request Form 

Farmers, please contact your local crops or feed retailer to request sampling services.


Tissue Handbook Assessing Stalk Nitrate

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We’re here to help. Call or email a SureTech representative to learn more.

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SureTech voluntarily participates in third party certification and proficiency testing from the following industry programs to make sure your data is correct:
2024 National Forage Testing Association Chemistry Certification
2024 Soil and Plant Program Participating Laboratory
Agricultural Laboratory Testing Association
Proficiency Testing Program AAFCO Certification
Illinois soil testing association Badge
2024 Manure Analysis Proficiency Program
2024 Manure Analysis Proficiency Program