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WinField® United Ag Technology combines our deep Answer Plot® data with proven technology tools - our own and from collaborating innovators - to give you actionable insights you can use to succeed season after season. The Answer Tech® system gathers and activates our Answer Plot® data so our retailer network can arm you with the right set of data-driven tools to succeed in your fields.

Get everything you need to store and compare field-tested insights that can help you detect problems and optimize each field’s yield potential.


The Right Crop Tools from Pre-Season to Postharvest.

R7® Tool

Get actionable, field-tested insights backed up by Answer Plot® data.

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R7 Tool

R7® Field Forecasting Tool

Simulate daily crop growth to monitor predicted yields and assess optimal timing for nutrient and water applications.

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R7 Field Forecasting Tool

NutriSolutions® Tool

Detect nutrient deficiencies before yield is compromised.

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NutriSolutions Tool

Answer Tech Data Silo®

Store, control and share your data all in one spot.

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Answer Tech Data Silo