The biological crop input category has exploded in recent years. While the segment holds exciting promise, it can be difficult to navigate the crowded market and know which products out of the thousands will work.

The WinField United BioVerified designation was created to help you sort through the options and jump straight to a short list of products selected based on reliable product research and data. We test, we learn, and we figure out what works so farmers don’t have to spend their limited seasons sorting it out on their own.

The Vetting Process

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1.Biologicals are selected for review from the WinField United product list based on their potential within their sub-categories.

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2.Products are evaluated and rated based on four key criteria.

  • check markUniqueness compared to other products on the market
  • check markAgronomics including identifiable mode of action, performance and placement.
  • check markOperational compatibility with standard application methods, product and inventory.
  • check markEconomic return for growers and retailers.
The WinField United BioVerified designation logo

3.The highest rated products are given the WinField United BioVerified designation.

Testing and Evaluation Methods

Each product is thoroughly evaluated and may be tested in one or more of the following ways:

  • Field trials at Answer Plot® locations.
  • 3D imaging in a controlled environment at the WinField United Innovation Center.
  • Data analysis from third-party
    vendors or product suppliers.


The List

Products With The WinField United BioVerified Designation

Used on the following crops:
Method of application:
In-furrow applicationIN-FURROW Foliar applicationFOLIAR Seed treatmentSEED TREATMENT Soil applicationSOIL-APPLIED

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