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  • Sep 23, 2020

Get Precise About Seed Decisions Using Ag Tech

Seeds in a planter

Every farmer knows how important it is to start the season by planting the right seed — and they understand how difficult it can be to determine what hybrids and varieties will work best with the environmental conditions they have on their operations.  


I work with two farmers, Kelly Howe and Kalen Manthei, who own K&K Ag — a large corn, wheat and soybean operation in Hettinger, North Dakota. While planning for the season, the partners were in the process of determining what seed would work best on what acres and contacted me to get my input.


This was my cue to introduce them to the WinField® United Characterization Charts (CHT Tool), which I thought could benefit them quite a bit.


Using data to guide seed selection

We began the conversation by using the tool to determine which hybrids and varieties might work best. Then we reviewed Answer Plot® data as well as the soil types and yield environments on the operation. We also discussed each seed’s response to nitrogen, rotation and fungicide. Nothing was left unquestioned.

We were planning on side-dressing our corn, so the seed with a high response to nitrogen went on our best fields. The CHT Tool helped us determine exactly how to handle our seed decisions for both corn and wheat to make our season successful.

Kelly Howe, K&K Ag

What the CHT Tool offers

The CHT Tool uses up to three years’ worth of Answer Plot data to compare CROPLAN® seed products to seed from other major companies. Comparisons are based on soil type, crop rotation, plant population, management practices and much more. Then, the best seed wins — whether it’s CROPLAN seed or not. In a nutshell, the CHT Tool allows you to:

  • Get characterization data for corn hybrids plus soybean and wheat varieties.

  • See rankings of CROPLAN seed and competitor brands.

  • Control and capitalize on field variability.


Howe and Manthei developed a plan for all their fields using the CHT Tool. They knew it would give them the insights to optimally place seed by yield environment and soil type.

The CHT Tool from WinField United has made us high-management farmers. We believe we now have an edge that we didn’t have before. It’s allowed us to increase our number of acres, even in a down farm economy.

Kalen Manthei, K&K Ag


To find out more about how the CHT Tool can help you make more informed seed selection decisions, talk with your local WinField United retailer.



This article was originally published in January 2019 and updated in September 2020.

All photos are either the property of WinField United or used with permission.
Important: Before use always read and follow label instructions. Crop performance is dependent on several factors many of which are beyond the control of WinField United, including without limitation, soil type, pest pressures, agronomic practices, and weather conditions. Growers are encouraged to consider data from multiple locations, over multiple years, and be mindful of how such agronomic conditions could impact results.
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