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Don't Skimp on Soybean Seed Treatments

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Planting time is almost here, and you are probably in the midst of creating a planting strategy for your soybean fields. Decide what seed treatment you will use now to save time and headaches during the season.


Do your disease and insect protection due diligence

If you have to plant early into cold, wet soils, you will likely have issues with delayed emergence and disease. Using a quality seed treatment on your soybeans can help address this situation.


Warden® CX seed treatment can optimize yield potential and improve root health and plant vigor in soybeans by helping reduce disease and insect damage. In 2015, Answer Plot® Program results reported a positive response to soybean seed treated with Warden® CX seed treatment compared with an untreated control group. The treated seeds garnered a 2.1 bu/A average positive response.1


This seed treatment incorporates the active ingredient from Cruiser® insecticide to provide protection against seed- and foliar-feeding insects. It also contains three fungicides that provide multiple modes of action:

  • Sedaxane for Rhizoctonia protection

  • The highest rate of mefenoxam commercially available for Pythium and Phytopthora protection

  • Fludioxonil for Fusarium protection

New WinPak® varieties bring new opportunities

WinPak® varieties are a unique combination of two soybean seed varieties that provide an exceptional level of stability throughout the field, working to increase yield potential and reduce risk from environmental conditions. For 2019, the CROPLAN® seed brand is offering 35 new and upgraded WinPak® varieties in its Elite Class soybean portfolio, as well as 10 new standalone products.


Don’t risk loss

We don’t know exactly what spring will bring for soybean planting conditions. And we can’t always rely on the calendar to tell us when a seed treatment will do the most good. Be on the safe side and manage your soybean crop with a proven seed treatment to lessen the risk of stand loss from disease and insect pressure.


The temptation to save a few dollars on seed treatment upfront could cost you dearly at harvest in lost ROI and diminished yield. Talk with your trusted advisor today about what soybean seed treatment makes the most sense for your operation, and to find out more about the new CROPLAN® WinPak® varieties.


1 Source: 2015 data from 30 Answer Plot® locations.


Cruiser is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.

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