Learn about the history of WinField® United

The merger of WinField and United Suppliers marks the launch of a highly strategic offering that combines the talent, technology and financial stability of two agricultural leaders, and positions the new company for future growth.

WinField® United: Building on a Shared Foundation of Agronomic Excellence
Three main pillars are the hallmarks of the WinField® United brand that will propel us into the future.
  • A passionate focus on customers. This shared value is one of our greatest assets. We will always begin with an understanding of our customers’ needs, and then deploy tailored offerings to meet each of them individually.
  • Data-backed, insight-driven agronomic excellence. From ag technology platforms to new products, techniques and technologies designed to push yield limits, we are committed to grounding our offerings in national research applied at the local level.
  • A commitment to advancing sustainability in our industry and in our world. We are dedicated to telling the story of how modern agriculture is meeting the needs of a growing global population, while fostering long-term sustainability and viability for the industry.
As a brand of Land O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s premier agribusiness and food companies, WinField has provided unmatched agricultural expertise to farmers, retailers and other partners to help them succeed.
As a customer-owned wholesale supplier of crop protection inputs, seed and crop nutrients, United Suppliers has served 600 agricultural dealers (owners) operating nearly 2,800 retail locations throughout the United States and parts of Canada.
By joining these industry leaders under one banner, WinField® United forges a commitment to shaping the future of farming. We believe we are uniquely positioned to help retailer owners and the farmers implement modern farming practices. To grow more food with fewer inputs. To be even better stewards of precious land and water resources. To always be mindful of the next generation of farmers who will carry on their legacy.