Why SECURE Financing?

Why SECURE Financing?

A Partner That Gets Farming

As an agricultural co-op, we understand the unique financial needs of farming operations. And working with your local retailer, you get someone who knows yours in particular. 

Payments That Align With the Growing Season

Two to three additional months to make payments gives you flexibility most other lenders can’t offer. This helps you better manage your finances and take advantage of beneficial tax opportunities.

Interest Rates That Benefit You

Compared to other financing offers, you’ll save about $9 an acre on interest expense. That savings can be invested in agronomic inputs or other tools that could generate additional income for your operation versus simply writing a check for interest.

SECURE has made doing business with the co-op a whole lot easier. It allows me to have a low rate financing line that is not tied to a certain brand of chemical.

Peter Rudolph, Rudolph Brothers Farms; affiliated with Superior Ag Resources

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SECURE Financing Benefits

  • A single point of financing for all seed, crop protection and fertilizer purchases for WinField United and partner products. 
  • Low-interest-rate financing on a broad array of seed and crop protection products.
  • Up to $500,000 in credit (with an acceptable credit history) just by completing a simple one-page application.* *Additional financing is available upon completion of a more in-depth process.
  • Backed by Farm Credit.

Other Products and Programs


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The 2023 CROPLAN Seed Guide is now available, offering a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Download a copy today.

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Advanced Acre Prescription Program

Our new crop plan and in-season adjustments to get you 105% of your APH. If you don’t, get money back.

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