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  • Nov 04, 2019

Find Ways to Improve Profitability: Attend a Clinic

Sprayer nozzles at a WinField United clinic

Make room on your calendar this winter for an opportunity to improve your operation’s profitability. WinField United retailers will be hosting more than 3,500 clinics to share agronomic insights and help you get more from your acres, as well as highlight the latest plant nutrition and crop protection products. Even if you’ve attended a clinic in the past, there are always new insights to be gained. This year, for example, agronomists will be discussing the effects of the challenging 2019 season on soil and crops, and what those impacts might mean for 2020.

Here are some of the topics that may be presented at a clinic near you.

Response to Fungicide (RTF)

  • Prioritize fungicide applications based on data and RTF scores to better allocate resources and use ag technology to support application decisions.

  • See a demonstration of MasterLock® adjuvant coverage and view performance data to determine how to improve fungicide coverage.

Managing Soybean Traits With Adjuvants

  • See performance data on WinField® United adjuvants that best complement the new soybean technologies, including Class Act® Ridion® and InterLock®, and drift-reduction agents like OnTarget®.

  • Hear the latest about the exciting research that’s happening at the WinField United Innovation Center — including the mysteries we’re unlocking about spray drift in our new wind tunnel about spray drift. 

Journey of the Droplet

  • See what happens to a tank mix from sprayer to target and how you can help ensure more active ingredient lands where you want it to.

  • Understand the importance of proper nozzle selection and the ROI potential of a well-placed application.

Managing for Higher Yields

  • Focus nutrient applications at key growth stages to help optimize yield potential.

  • See how tissue sampling, ag tech and MAX-IN® micronutrients can help improve nutrient status.

Nitrogen Management

  • Understand the nitrogen cycle, how nitrogen stabilizers work and how to time nitrogen applications for optimal effect.

  • See demonstrations about how to protect nitrogen from leaching and volatilization. 

Early-Season Stress Management

  • Understand why seed treatments are important and how to choose the right one to reach your goals.

  • See how applying Ascend® Pro plant growth regulator in-furrow can give your crops a jump on the season.

You’ll hear about these topics and more at the upcoming clinics. Our local agronomists will be available to answer more specific crop production questions and provide recommendations as you plan for 2020. Contact your local WinField United retailer for more information about upcoming clinics in your area


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