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CROPLAN Seed Performance in 2021

WinField United grower and agronomist evaluating soybean plant at harvest.
For more than 25 years, CROPLAN® seed has delivered consistent, reliable products that farmers depend on. Yet every season provides opportunities to learn something new about our products to enhance the CROPLAN portfolio and fine-tune placement recommendations, and 2021 was no exception.

From late frost to hot, dry conditions and heavy disease pressure, crops endured extreme environments that threatened yield potential. WinField® United seed product managers weigh in on some of the top-performing products in their regions.
Jamie Kloster – Northern U.S.
  • CP3980VT2P/RIB is a 99 RM corn hybrid with impressive yield potential. It was the top overall performing product in our Answer Plot® national 100 RM set and performed incredibly well in Minnesota and eastern South Dakota.
  • CP4188VT2P/RIB is a 101 RM corn hybrid with great agronomics. It has had consistent yield performance over multiple years. Last season, this product’s stalk integrity was impressive, and it held up under conditions that caused other products to lodge.   
  • CP1120E is a 1.1 RM soybean variety with outstanding yield potential. It was consistently a top-performing bean across Answer Plot locations. 
“I’m excited about our new WinPak® soybean varieties because I know 2022 will bring different conditions than last year and these products are designed to handle a wide range of environments. We have some excellent WinPak varieties built to handle the uncertainty of crop stresses,” shared Kloster.
Ryan MoellerWestern U.S.
  • CP2315VT2P had an excellent year. This corn hybrid has tremendous top-end yield potential, but it also did well under heat and low moisture conditions. Growers who had it under irrigation were impressed by its high yield and dryness at harvest. Dryland growers also saw success with this product. They could plant lower populations in anticipation of the dry year, allowing the 2315VT2P to flex its roots and ear to produce a healthy crop even under drought conditions.
“A grower in southern Montana produced 240+ bushels per acre with CP2315, which was the best
corn they had on their ranch this year. Our top-volume corn products performed well in a hot, dry year, but we’ve also seen solid performance with them in cooler, wetter seasons, which gives me confidence they should hold strong no matter what the 2022 growing season brings,” explained Moeller.
Robert Cossar – Southern U.S.
  • CP5678VT2P continues to be a performance leader across the South. The hybrid’s semi-flex ear allows flexibility to a wide range of planting populations and row spacings. Its large plant architecture and wide leaves enable it to cover a wider row spacing to capture maximum sunlight.
  • CP5550VT2P also continues to show outstanding results. This hybrid has proven to be very consistent across the farm, which is often the key to maximizing yield potential across variable soils.
  • CP5497VT2P is a newer product that was impressive for the second straight year. The ability to handle lower nitrogen environments is critical for the South as we can often experience heavy rain events on our lighter soils that reduce late-season nitrogen availability. CP5497VT2P can maintain its yield potential in these environments where other genetics may experience reduced yields. Its semi-flex ear and excellent stay-green make it an ideal fit for the rotated acre.
“CP5678VT2P continues to be the lead hybrid for the South. However, I am excited about CP5497VT2P as a rotated, lighter soil type hybrid. It could gain momentum with growers as they seek better nitrogen management. These two hybrids along with CP5550VT2P allow for genetic diversification to match management styles, soil types and nutrient management plans on the farm,” said Cossar.

Management mattered

The data generated from the WinField United Answer Plot program was beneficial in 2021 as farmers shifted in-season plans in response to rapidly changing conditions. Working with local retailers, farmers were able to identify which hybrids were most responsive to fungicides, time nitrogen applications to optimize return on investment and fine-tune planting populations to maximize productivity. Those season-long insights and actions contributed to optimal yields, despite stressful conditions.
“While much of the country was experiencing drier than normal conditions, the southern geographies saw cooler and wetter weather patterns. Parts of the region struggled to plant on time or had multiple replant situations. While not every area had the same issues, each did have its struggles. Growers, retailers and local agronomists really came together to strategize and respond to the environments and growing conditions of 2021. These collaborative partnerships helped result in one of the highest yielding years for many growers across the region,” said Cossar.

Diversity benefits farmers

The CROPLAN seed portfolio is built on diversity. We offer products that optimize performance on a wide range of acres and source a vast library of plant genetics from across the industry. Our deep product knowledge allows us to customize product portfolios and recommendations for every operation. We evaluate hundreds of new products every year, and only the very elite make it to a CROPLAN bag.  
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