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Find Strong Performance With New CROPLAN Seed Varieties

Corn and soybean field

We’re still awaiting harvest data, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to start evaluating seed options for next season. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new CROPLAN® corn and soybean genetics that I’ve seen performing well in Ohio and the northeast.


Consistent reliability in corn

Two new corn products that have exhibited consistent performance in my area in both Answer Plot® and Insight Trial testing are CP4265VT2P/RIB and CP5115SS/RIB (also available as CP5115VT2P/RIB).



CP4265 has shown great performance consistently on the stressed acre (both poorly drained and drought prone). The last two growing seasons have provided great opportunities to see this hybrid under a variety of plant stress conditions in the east, and I have been impressed with the consistency of CP4265. It has shown yield averages above the field mean in national and eastern Answer Plot data in both 2018 and 2019. This product is in our Performance tier of corn hybrids, so you’ll get access to new genetics at a competitive price. In addition, this season, both CROPLAN Signature- and Performance-tier hybrids will be covered by a 100% replant policy and will include our new Fortivent® Plus seed treatment with additional zinc and fungicide. Characteristics of CP4265 include:

  • Strong emergence and early vigor

  • Good southern movement with the ability to stretch maturity

  • Response-to scores for all management practices are moderate, although there can be a yield bump with more intensive management

  • Match planting populations to management: lower populations on the tough acre and more moderate levels on the medium to better acre

  • CP4265 on tough to moderately productive acres paired with CP4188 on the moderate to highly productive acre are excellent companion products



CP5115 is also a Performance-tier product that shows great stress tolerance and plant health.  The versatility of this hybrid makes it a nice fit for variable or tough acres. Its penetrating root can tap deep for soil moisture, allowing it to perform well on poorly drained soils. It makes a great complementary product to CP4997 or CP5370 moving east. Here are some other characteristics of and management tips for CP5115:

  • Excellent plant health, stalks and intactness late season

  • Very good stress tolerance

  • Excellent grain quality and test weight potential

  • Very good emergence and seedling vigor

  • Responds well to management, although it’s not required

  • Increased nitrogen and population with yield potential and management


Yield potential plus stress protection in soybeans

WinPak® soybean varieties from CROPLAN seed combine an offensive and defensive variety in one bag to help achieve more consistent yield performance across a field. For 2021, there are several WinPak varieties that I’m excited about.



CP2520 is a new WinPak variety that combines the disease protection of CP2529E with the top-end yield potential, strong emergence and good late-season foliar health and frogeye leaf spot tolerance of CP2521E. Other characteristics include:

  • The Peking soybean cyst nematode trait in CP2529E as an alternative to PI88788, which is more commonly found in soybeans and is developing resistance nationwide

  • Very good stress tolerance

  • Excellent emergence

  • Great stability in yield performance east to west



CP3120 is another Enlist®-traited WinPak variety that has shown strong yield performance in my area. It combines the yield potential of CP3121E with the frogeye leaf spot tolerance of CP3131E to deliver both offensive and defensive characteristics. Management considerations include:

  • Has good stress tolerance, especially in dry weather

  • Can tolerate higher planting populations

  • Moves east to west well

  • ILeVO® or Saltro® seed treatment is recommended if the field has a history of sudden death syndrome



CP3620 combines the stress tolerance of CP3621E with the high yield potential of CP3629E to deliver one of the strongest WinPak products in my area. Answer Plot data has shown reliability, consistency and tremendous performance, which improves my confidence in this product. Product characteristics and management tips include:

  • Very good frogeye leaf spot tolerance and foliar health

  • Ability to move north well

  • Upright, narrow canopy; reduce populations for more dense canopies

  • Very late-season standability


As you plan seed purchases for next season, I encourage you to try some new genetics alongside those products with which you are more familiar. Annually, we find that the latest class of CROPLAN corn and soybeans outyields the previous one, so it’s important to work with your WinField United retailer to determine what products may be a fit to capture extra bushels for your farm. For more information about the latest CROPLAN genetics, check out the 2021 CROPLAN Seed Guide or contact your local WinField United retailer.


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Important: Before use always read and follow label instructions. Crop performance is dependent on several factors many of which are beyond the control of WinField United, including without limitation, soil type, pest pressures, agronomic practices, and weather conditions. Growers are encouraged to consider data from multiple locations, over multiple years, and be mindful of how such agronomic conditions could impact results.
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