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What’s New for CROPLAN Seed in 2022?

CROPLAN sign next to field of corn.
Over the past several weeks, the CROPLAN® seed team has evaluated yield data and field performance information to help inform your seed decisions for 2022. We’re excited by what we’ve seen this season and are eager to share updates about CROPLAN corn and soybean products. In 2022, you can expect the same reliable product performance and data-backed management recommendations you’re used to, plus a few added benefits.

More protection for your corn crop

Starting next season, all CROPLAN hybrids will include Fortivent® Plus seed treatment.1 Fortivent Plus combines the early-season insect control of Poncho® VoTiVo® seed treatment, ethaboxam fungicide for enhanced pythium control and Fortivent Zn for early corn development, including stand establishment and improved yield potential. We're one of the only seed brands in the industry to offer zinc as a standard treatment on all commercial hybrids to promote early-season growth and root development. In addition to a premium seed treatment to safeguard your investment, you can also rest assured knowing that a 100% replant policy backs your CROPLAN hybrids.2
You will have access to a new above-ground insect trait for select CROPLAN hybrids next season. The Trecepta® Technology trait offers three modes of action against corn borers, fall armyworm, western bean cutworm, black cutworm and corn earworm to protect yield potential and grain quality.
CROPLAN hybrids deliver another layer of protection and risk management with management recommendations generated from Answer Plot® data. Your CROPLAN dealer can help recommend the most suitable seed products for your acres based upon your biggest agronomic challenges and management preferences. We deliver comprehensive data about a hybrid’s response to fungicide, population, crop rotation and nitrogen to help ensure you’ve got the information you need to optimize your crop’s potential.
We are excited to launch several new CROPLAN corn hybrids for 2022 planting. Our latest products include:

CP2585 VT2P
  • Relative Maturity: 85 days
  • Differentiator: Leading 85 RM product with excellent yield potential. 
  • Placement: Offers great yield opportunity on average to highly productive soils. Supports strong emergence for early plantings.
  • Key Characteristics: Strong late-season standability and intactness. Semi-flex ear allows for flexibility in planting population.
CP4757 VT2P 
  • Relative Maturity: 107 days
  • Differentiator: Excellent yield potential and stability.
  • Placement: Strong performer in Central and Eastern Corn Belt. Offers above average drought tolerance allowing for movement across a wide variety of acres.
  • Key Characteristics: Girthy ear and strong late-season intactness. Semi-determinate ear, so keep populations moderate to moderately high.
CP4880 SS
  • Relative Maturity: 108 days
  • Differentiator: High-yield potential 108-day SmartStax® for corn-on-corn acres.
  • Placement: Broad acre placement with excellent roots. Semi-flex ear allows for different yield environments. Good late-season intactness but will respond to fungicide in high-yield scenarios.
  • Key Characteristics: Short statured plant with great standability. Consistent product with high yield capabilities. Manage gray leaf spot and Northern corn leaf blight with fungicide.
CP5760 TRE
  • Relative Maturity: 117 days
  • Differentiator: New Trecepta® trait hybrid with outstanding Lepidoptera pest protection, including western bean cutworm, packaged with excellent yield potential.
  • Placement: Plant on above average to highly productive soils. Manage nitrogen for maximum yield potential.
  • Key Characteristics: Semi-ear flex allows for flexibility in plant populations. Above average drydown allowing it to move into the 114-115 RM zone.
Contact your WinField® United retailer for more information on these new products.

Better selection for your soybean crop

One thing that sets CROPLAN soybeans apart from competitors is our comprehensive portfolio of traits, genetics and technology tools. We’re focused on helping you find the most suitable soybean variety for your acres, and we do that by sourcing the best genetics and traits from our industry partners. That means you’ll have more choices and the reliable management data you need to optimize your crop’s potential.
This year, you will see more options for XtendFlex® soybeans in the CROPLAN lineup. We’ve expanded the maturity range, quality and diversity of our XtendFlex genetics to offer farmers more weed control flexibility and improved agronomics.
CROPLAN seed offers more choice from a trait and genetics perspective, but we also deliver more options for you to manage risk and optimize yield potential on variable fields. Our WinPak® soybean varieties combine complementary products into one bag to help you achieve excellent yield potential on productive acres while maintaining top performance on more challenging ground. Whether you’re looking for a premium product like WinPak varieties or a single soybean variety, CROPLAN seed delivers more options to meet your budget and address your agronomic challenges.
When you do business with CROPLAN seed, you can expect high quality products backed by data and management recommendations from the Answer Plot program to help set you up for in-season success.
For more information about the CROPLAN seed lineup for 2022, contact your WinField United retailer.
1 Some carryover products will not include Fortivent® Plus.
2 Certain restrictions apply. Talk with your CROPLAN seed dealer for details.
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