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Tech Can Help Farmers Finish 2019 Strong

Man reviewing tablet in cornfield
In a year where excessive rainfall has delayed planting and forced many farmers to plant in less-than-ideal conditions, making the case that ag technology is more valuable than ever can seem difficult. But actually, the utility and value of tech tools are amplified under more extreme conditions.
As a retailer, you know the importance of bringing value to the technology tools you offer and supporting your customers at the farm gate. Here are two considerations to help you explain the value tech can bring to your growers’ operations during a difficult season.
1. Quick decisions, accurate placements
Decision-making becomes more time-sensitive in challenging years, so farmers need to quickly get the background they need to make confident decisions and take prompt action. Tech tools can bring value during these truncated timelines. For speed and accuracy, farmers should continue to use tech tools to augment their in-field scouting efforts.
Additionally, tech increases the precision with which farmers can apply crop inputs, which can lead to optimized ROI potential. Farmers need to get the most out of every input, and tools like the R7® Field Forecasting Tool allow them to make more accurate decisions about rates and timing of applications for optimized ROI potential.
2. Investing in the corn crop
The 2019 U.S. corn crop will probably be lower yielding because of poor planting conditions. However, the corn that did get planted will likely be worth more at harvest. Using tech tools like the Field Forecasting Tool will allow farmers to leverage this advantage by making more accurate nitrogen decisions and better-informed fungicide decisions.
With the tool, farmers can run scenarios to determine the efficacy of these types of applications from an economic perspective. For example, farmers can take the current price of corn and factor in their yield potential and the cost to apply fungicide. This data can then help them determine if these investments are going to work in favor of their bottom lines.
Encourage farmers to lean on tech
Help your customers finish the 2019 growing season strong by showing them how to optimize profitability and leverage technology in a way that enables them to make more informed decisions. Despite a less-than-optimal 2019, technology is still an answer for farmers to help them finish strong.
For more information about how to leverage tech tools with your farmers, talk with your WinField United representative.
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