• Jul 26, 2017

The Future of In-Season Management

How would you like a look into the future? The R7® Field Forecasting Tool is a new web-based crop modeling offering from WinField United that uses field-specific information, as well as data from the Answer Plot® Program and NutriSolutions 360® system, to simulate daily crop growth and development. This enables you to predictively determine optimal timing and rates for nutrient and water applications in-season.
The Field Forecasting Tool puts personalized crop data, such as nutrient or water stresses, into a highly usable format so you can take quick action. It will be available through your local WinField United retailer ahead of the 2018 growing season. Here’s a look at how the tool can help you turn aggregated data into actionable insights for corn, soybeans and wheat.
Run scenarios to gauge ROI potential
Accessible through the WinField United Answer Tech® platform, the Field Forecasting Tool lets you run scenarios that tell you what you can expect if you implement various applications. For example, if you make a nitrogen application at a particular time and for a particular amount, will you get a return on that investment? Or is there a greater opportunity if you apply a different rate on another date? Continued low commodity prices make it increasingly important to invest wisely to optimize ROI potential.
Manage irrigation options  
There are a number of ag modeling tools available, but few that account for irrigation in their nutrient or crop models. In addition to helping you determine when and how much water will benefit your crops, the Field Forecasting Tool provides historical information on weather, nitrogen or potassium stresses, and a crop growth indicator that tells you how much biomass your fields are accumulating.
Additionally, you have the capability to validate and edit information in the Field Forecasting Tool. For example, the tool will estimate rainfall amounts. Say that, based on collected local weather data, the tool predicted 2 inches of rain during a particular time period, and 3 inches were actually received. All you need to do is make that change, and receive an adjusted yield and ROI projection. The tool uses a mechanistic approach, so any adjustments you make will be taken into account for future predictions.
Capitalize on quality data
The Field Forecasting Tool uses Answer Plot® data to generate predictive information about many aspects of your fields, also factoring in your particular crop management practices to create a more complete picture of what’s necessary to enhance field success. NutriSolutions® tissue sampling data is one real-time measurement used to gauge plant nutrient levels and determine whether or not deficiencies have been corrected in your current crop.
Talk with your WinField United retailer about the Field Forecasting Tool and find out how you can access this revolutionary ag technology option for 2018.