• Agriculture Technology
  • Dec 18, 2018

Take Ag Tech Further

Overhead view of grain silo and cornfield
This article is intended for those with more experience using ag technology tools. If you’re new to ag tech, here are some tips to get started. 
If you’re already sold on ag tech, you understand the value it can bring to the farm. As you look for ways to stretch your dollars, ag tech tools can help you understand when it’s time to hit the gas or pump the brakes. Here are 3 practical on-farm applications if you’re looking to boost your ag tech strategy.
1. Variable-rate planting. If you’re already using imagery to map fields and zones, variable-rate planting is the next logical step. With a good understanding of a field’s history and your hybrid’s or variety’s genetics, it’s easy to start developing prescriptions for planting. Work with your advisor to use ag tech mapping tools to delineate zones for more precise seed placement. As you capture more data year-over-year, you can target and fine-tune those prescriptions to get the most from every acre.
2. Nitrogen applications. Maybe you haven’t considered using ag tech tools to help plan nitrogen applications. This year, you may want to experiment with modeling tools to help you understand how your crops are using nitrogen in-season.
One of the features of the WinField United R7® Tool, the Field Forecasting Tool (FFT), uses field-specific information to determine optimal timing and rates for nutrient applications. The FFT lets you run different scenarios to illustrate what your potential return on investment might be depending on application time and rate. That way, you know when to target your nitrogen applications to get the most out of your investment.
3. In-season monitoring. Scouting is one way you stay on top of crop health. With ag tech tools, you can scout more effectively and efficiently. The Field Monitoring Tool within R7 updates with real-time information about plant health based on vigor status captured from aerial imagery. This can give you a road map of where your field needs extra attention and can help target scouting.
In-season monitoring with ag tech tools can help you keep a pulse on what’s happening in your fields daily, even when you aren’t able to get to them. With a comprehensive understanding of plant health across all your fields, you’re able to make targeted product decisions, which results in a more economical approach to in-season management.
Plan to take your ag tech tools to the next level in 2019. Contact your local WinField United retailer to fine-tune your ag tech strategy to get more from your acres.