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Strong Hybrid Performance Despite Tough Conditions in 2019

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I’ve been analyzing harvest data for quite a few years, and I can assure you 2019 is a year that I won’t soon forget. The unpredictability that plagued the season was certainly captured by the variability in the data we saw this year.

As you plan your corn purchases for 2020, you may be wondering how to interpret this year’s yield results. I’m sharing some of what we learned in our 2019 Answer Plot® trials to help make sense of a complicated year.

What we learned about corn

As I mentioned, there was more variability in data this season than we’ve seen in recent years. The environmental stresses crops faced in 2019 gave us an opportunity to see the limitations of some hybrids and the resiliency of others. Those types of insights are what help drive the placement and management recommendations in the WinField® United Characterization Charts (CHT Tool). This year we saw more lodging, greensnap and, in some cases, diseases than we may have seen in the past, which really helps us understand the limits of the hybrids we’re testing.

As you may know, we test our own CROPLAN® seed products as well as other companies’ genetics in our Answer Plot trials. This year, CROPLAN signature corn hybrids performed very well, despite tough conditions. On average across tested locations, signature hybrids yielded an average of 224.7 bushels per acre.*

Here’s a rundown of several standout CROPLAN corn hybrids based on data from 2019 Answer Plot trials.

  • CP2965 — Yield leader in 85–90 relative maturity in 2018 and 2019 Answer Plot trials; excellent early vigor for early planting; moderate response to population and high response to nitrogen help drive additional yield potential on average to productive soils.

  • CP4188 — Consistent performance across locations; top-yielder in many 2019 Answer Plot trials; handles tough, variable and ideal yield environments.

  • CP4203 — Widely adapted from the Central U.S. to the West; tolerates heat well; excellent greensnap tolerance; works well across all yield environments.

  • CP5073 — Best performance on medium to highly productive acres; strong early plant vigor for reduced tillage and early planting; has nice flex for moderate plant densities; high response to nitrogen.

  • CP5335 — Tremendous consistency across variable yield environments; excellent stalks and late-season intactness; acceptable ear flex for variable planting densities; strong plant health for continuous corn.

We continue to see yield potential increases in various CROPLAN genetics each year. In 2019, we saw a 4.2-bushel-per-acre yield advantage for new CROPLAN hybrids compared to more mature CROPLAN genetics.* In addition, our precommercial, experimental hybrids also showed strong performance in 2019 Answer Plot trials. Overall, we’re seeing products that are more broadly adaptable, which can provide more reliable, consistent yield performance.

To see the latest local yield data from our Answer Plot trials, visit answerplot.com or contact your local WinField United retailer.

*Based on 2019 Answer Plot data.

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