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  • Apr 01, 2022

New European Variety Highlights CROPLAN Spring Wheat Portfolio

Field of spring wheat.
In our ongoing quest to bring the best wheat varieties to market, WinField® United and CROPLAN® brand seed have developed relationships with several of the industry’s top genetic suppliers. And just like the professional sports teams that scout for international talent, we’ve focused a portion of our efforts on identifying wheat genetics that excel overseas and introduced them to the North American market if they match up with our growing environments. 
One of our newest, most exciting wheat varieties – CROPLAN® CP3099A hard red spring wheat – comes from our exclusive partnership with a top European breeding company. Native to a high-yielding environment, this germplasm has never existed in the United States until now. 
CROPLAN CP3099A has been in our research and development pipeline for the past three years, and what we’ve discovered is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It builds big leaves and large heads with big grain kernels, all resulting in outstanding yield potential. In fact, yield data placed it as one of the leading commercial wheat products in 2020 and 2021, and among the top of the experimental varieties we tested in our trials.1 
As is usually the case with wheat, this higher yield potential results in lower, but acceptable, protein content. However, CROPLAN CP3099A spring wheat comes with a unique added benefit. It’s an awnless product, meaning it has great potential as a forage crop in addition to being harvested as a traditional grain crop. 
“Wheat typically isn’t a good feed option because awns poke in and around an animal’s mouth, much like you can get a sliver in your hand when working with wood,” explains Jeff Jackson, WinField United forage specialist. “But lacking awns gives CP3099A much better palatability and helps prevent animals from developing mouth sores, abscesses and digestive issues.” 
Research has shown that CP3099A spring wheat is a quality source of total digestible nutrients (TDN). In fact, at 66.2%, CP3099A had the highest TDN content of 15 different forage products tested for forage quality content at the Wishek, ND Tri-County Agronomy Plot in 2020.2 
Jackson says animals can graze on CP3099A, or it can be harvested for stored feed. Once the crop has matured to the point that the flag leaf has developed, the plant will be at the ideal point for harvesting at a maximum combination of forage quality and yield. Forage quality starts to decline when heads have emerged and more plant biomass has formed. 
“Most livestock producers who utilize the crop as a feed source will likely choose to harvest it and feed it as dry hay or haylage,” he says. “Harvesting between flag leaf and soft dough stages will produce the best feed and not having the awns on the developing heads will increase its overall value. Growers can also leave a portion of the crop standing until it reaches full maturity and harvest for grain.” 
In addition to top-end yield potential and its use as a dual-purpose product, Answer Plot® research shows that CROPLAN CP3099A spring wheat offers the following benefits: 
  • Large plant size with excellent standability: Although it’s a very tall plant with a large flag leaf, it exhibits very good stem strength and standability. Unlike many spring wheat products, applying higher nitrogen (N) rates doesn’t dramatically increase plant height or reduce straw strength. 
  • Very good disease package: CP3099A is particularly strong against Fusarium head scab and bacterial leaf streak, which can’t be controlled by fungicides. 
  • Later maturity: CP3099A matures 4-5 days later than other products in the CROPLAN spring wheat lineup, enabling farmers to better manage the busy fall season by spreading out their harvest workload. 
  • Low Response-to Population (RTP): When compared against low populations of 1.2 million seeds/A, high populations of 1.8 million seeds/A showed only small increases in yields. This indicates the plants build a bigger head with more grain under low populations, meaning low populations should tend to provide a better return on investment.  
A limited amount of CROPLAN CP3099A hard red spring wheat was available to customers in 2021, and due to the environment challenges experienced last year, we again have a small supply for 2022. However, we plan to produce a lot of seed this year so we can have an ample supply for next season. Talk with your local WinField United retailer now so you are prepared to place your order for 2023 when the early-order window opens. 
1 2020-2021 Yield Data. Six ND Answer Plot locations in 2020; one MT and five ND Answer Plot locations in 2021.
2 NDSU Annual Cereal Forages Trial (2020) at Wishek Tri-county Agronomy Plot. 

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