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Stay in the Know: Visit an Answer Plot Event

Partnerships are the cornerstone of all successful businesses and your farm is no exception. Every year, the Answer Plot® program collects valuable data across multiple geographies to help increase productivity and profitability on your acres. While we may not be meeting to share data through Answer Plot events this year, our teams are still working to provide you and your local retailer with actionable insights to inform next season’s decisions. Here are some things we hope you take back to the farm.


Deeper insights.

We talk a lot about data, and it’s true, we collect a lot of it. But we’re looking at new ways to analyze data for deeper insights that affect your farm. For example, instead of just testing for a fungicide yield response, we want to examine how a specific fungicide and hybrid work together.


Better forecasting.

We’re striving to improve our ag technology tools. We use data from the Answer Plot locations to help us calibrate and fine-tune features within the R7® Tool. Our ultimate goal is to use data to be more predictive so that we can help you stay one step ahead of in-season challenges. 


Timely information.

Answer Plot events are designed to be educational, and we like to use current conditions to lead productive discussions. That means each event is structured a little differently, depending on what is happening in the field. Even if you’ve attended events before, you’ll learn something new, because as we collect and analyze more data, our insights become stronger. While our team is not holding Answer Plot events this year, we’re leveraging our social channels to share timely insights and uploading hybrid and soybean variety harvest results on the Answer Plot site to help you compare harvest data among top performers and find the best yielding product for your region.


Profitable practices.

We want every dollar you spend to come back to you in the form of higher yield and better returns at the end of the season. Use data from the Answer Plot program to learn what our research says about particular management practices and products. For example, we’re sharing optimal planting dates and populations based on specific scenarios. We’ll also help you nail down the best application windows for fungicide and nitrogen applications based on local research.


Visit the Answer Plot program page or contact your local WinField United retailer to take advantage of the latest Answer Plot data and insights.