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All Agriculture is Local

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The adage, “all politics is local” also holds true for ag. Local conditions are what affect you and your operation. Local expertise is what you rely on to help you make critical management decisions. Turning over the “local” facet of your operation to a faceless entity can cause you to lose focus. And that’s something no farmer can afford to do.
At WinField United, we’re all about local. Our network of nearly 1,300 WinField United–affiliated retailers is all about local too. They host clinics and Answer Plot® events. They’ve been trained to use our technology tools. And they’re your neighbors, available to work with you in person to walk fields, recommend products, perform soil or tissue sampling, and act as sounding boards. That level of connection is priceless.

Answers that improve operational success

Do you demand data that’s validated by replication and analyzed by experts? That’s dynamic and future-focused, not static and stuck on past performance? Our Answer Plot program generates robust data you and your trusted advisor can access directly. Data you can use to make informed decisions based on facts, not hunches. Nearly 140 Answer Plot locations around the country provide live agronomic demonstrations and test plots, generating in excess of 6 million data points to date. These feed into WinField United ag tech tools, bringing relevant data straight to your farm.

Price competitiveness

Current market conditions may make saving money on inputs up front appealing. But if that means working with nontraditional ag retailers, it’s important to remember the risks you may be taking with unknown products and few supporting facts. WinField United products are thoroughly tested and come with the security of having a partner. Not consulting knowledgeable retailers and advisors can be costly when issues arise in the field and complex decisions need to be made.

Data integrity

It’s simple: You own your data, and you should know exactly how it’s being treated by your data provider. Is it being shared? Sold? WinField United is one of several companies that have earned certification from Ag Data Transparent — a third-party-administered, not-for-profit corporation. Ensuring transparency in data collection, use, access, portability, availability and retention are all required to be considered an Ag Data Transparent-certified company. You can see how WinField United responded to Ag Data Transparent questions here.
We’re proud to have received certification for our Answer Tech Data Silo® cloud-based data-management system. Being certified assures farmers that WinField United and the Answer Tech Data Silo are only sharing data with parties that farmers who work with WinField United–affiliated retailers approve. That could mean no third parties at all. It’s up to the farmer.

Focused on the future and on your farm

Technology evolves every day, and WinField United continues to evolve right along with it by advancing agriculture intelligently. Flat commodity prices make us even more determined to continue providing you with expertise, quality and value. Talk with your local trusted advisor about how WinField United can help your operation succeed through innovation.
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