R7 Tool

Innovative Ag Tech for Every Inch of Your Fields.

The R7® Tool is a collection of ag tech tools that combine powerful data with localized insights to help you optimize decision-making for every acre of your fields, not your neighbor’s.

Through satellite imagery, yield potential maps and Answer Plot® data, the R7 Tool gives you a new perspective on your fields. And their real potential. Its goal is to help you get a return on every input, dollar and ounce of sweat you put into making profitable decisions throughout the season.

Data That Makes a Difference.

The R7 Tool integrates your field findings with years of Answer Plot data. Your local retailer uses this powerful combination to give you actionable field-tested insights you can use to optimize ROI potential in every inch of your operation.

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Craig Houin, Data Management Lead at Sunrise Cooperative

R7 Tool Features for Every Part of Your Season.

Start Strong With the Right Seed.

Help protect your preseason investments with unbiased characterization data from CROPLAN® seed and competitor brands. Seed selection features such as characterization charts (CHT) and the localized Top 10 feature take more of the guesswork out of picking the best corn, wheat or soybean seed for every acre. And every condition.

Sniff Out In-Season Surprises.

Quickly identify yield threats before they turn into yield reductions with the help of satellite imagery and local Answer Plot data. Our in-season management features offer you daily field performance summaries and potential nutrient applications so you can take action and save more yield potential.



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