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SC Logo Helps Identify Top Straight-Cut Canola Hybrids

Canola crop being harvested.
Straight-cut canola has become the harvest method of choice for most producers because of its efficiency. However, pod drop and shatter that happens with this method can reduce yields by 40% or more in severe cases. With that in mind, WinField® United has worked closely with breeders to develop CROPLAN® spring canola hybrids that are exceptionally well-suited for straight-cut operations and are now easily identified with our “SC” logo.
These include:

Shatter Is Only One Component

WinField United and partnering breeders have developed germplasm that contain multiple agronomic characteristics that improve your ability to get the plants, their pods and seeds into the combine at harvest, including:
  • Strong seams that help keep pods from opening, reducing seed loss.
  • Strong pod hold that helps prevent pods from falling off the plant.
  • Sturdy plants that provide improved standability and reduced lodging.
Each of these characteristics helps SC, straight-cut designated CROPLAN spring canola hybrids, better withstand the usual culprits of seed and pod loss in inclement conditions like hail and high winds. If a product doesn’t have the SC designation, it doesn’t mean it can’t be straight cut. It just means there’s more potential for seed and pod loss depending on weather conditions.

Data Rank SC Croplan Hybrids Among The Best In Reduced Shatter

CROPLAN CP9978TF, CP7144LL and CP7130LL SC hybrids consistently exhibit strong scores for enhanced seed and pod retention, and reduced lodging in breeding studies, Answer Plot® trials and university research, making them excellent selections for your straight-cut harvest operation. Some of this supporting data is illustrated in this chart, which shares results from the 2020 Velva, ND Answer Plot location* harvested after a strong storm of 60 mph winds. In this study, CP9978TF received the best reduced shatter score of all hybrids planted in the trial, including two competing hybrids that have industry standard shatter reduction technology.

Shatter score data from North Dakota Answer Plot® location. 
If you’d like to plant a top-performing reduced shatter canola next spring, look no further than the SC line of CROPLAN spring canola. Talk with your local WinField United retailer to learn more and order early to ensure supplies are available.
* CP9978TF and CP7130LL had strong reduced shatter scores at the 2020 Velva, ND Answer Plot location. CP7144LL wasn’t planted in this trial but breeding trial data scores it one step up from CP7130LL.
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