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Reliable Seed Supply Demonstrates Commitment To Sunflower Growers

Field of sunflowers.
As a leader in the sunflower market, WinField® United is proud to report that sunflowers are a priority crop in our CROPLAN® seed portfolio. Making this claim isn’t just lip service. We back it up with our actions. This means ensuring we always have at least a half-year’s supply of high-quality sunflower hybrids in a climate-controlled warehouse in Minot, N.D., ready for the next growing season. 
This might not be the most profitable approach, but it aligns with our commitment to help manage the risk of supply chain or production challenges for our grower-owners. Knowing that we’re prepared if problems occur gives our farmers incredible peace of mind. And when I say “if” problems occur, I actually mean “when,” because challenges are bound to surface in any given season. 
Take last year, for example. A portion of our 2021 sunflower supply was being grown in California, where water levels were extremely low. It was so bad many seed producers completely abandoned their fields. This obliterated the seed supply for some companies, and some farmers were informed only days before planting that their sunflower order wasn’t coming. Fortunately, we easily fulfilled all CROPLAN sunflower orders as expected. 
Supply chain issues are obviously the elephant in the room for 2022. Many seed companies are depending on their supply coming in from South America. With the ports backed up like they’ve been, it’s no secret that seed might still be on the boat when planting season arrives. 
Most of our supply is grown in the United States. Typically, we only produce sunflower seed in South America when we’re developing new hybrids and need to take advantage of opposite growth cycles. When we do this, we inform customers that their order will be filled from winter production supply, and there’s risk involved. We feel that clear communication up front is the right and only way to do business. 
Maintaining a reliable seed supply isn’t the only way we support our commitment to the sunflower market. We have hard-working teams engaged in providing the best sunflower production and agronomics, storage and shipping and distribution possible to make sure we have high-quality seed that’s ready to grow when it hits the ground.
Do you have the sunflower seed you need for this growing season? If not, contact your local WinField United retailer to place your order.
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