• Agriculture Technology
  • Dec 12, 2018

Organize Now to Get the Most From Next Year’s Data

Three men around tablets reviewing field data
Ag companies are investing in innovative technology tools to help farmers harness, dissect and apply data to improve their operations. However, there’s not one tool that does it all, so it can be a challenge to organize files and information across all platforms. Here are some considerations to help you stay on top of data management.
Get connected. If you’re using multiple ag tech tools and various field equipment, you’ve likely got data stored in a number of places. You can use the Answer Tech Data Silo® to aggregate that information in one secure place for easy retrieval. Data Silo is a cloud-based data management system that connects and synchronizes all your technology tools to easily update and share information across platforms.
Be consistent. In order to get the most from data management platforms like the Data Silo, it helps to be consistent when naming your farms and fields. Having duplicate identifiers makes sifting through data confusing and cumbersome at the end of the season. In the fall, organize your farm plan and update field boundaries and farm and field names in your ag tech tools. Consistency makes wireless data transfer easier so you can get the information where it needs to be without using extra hardware like thumb drives.
Keep good electronic records. As planting begins, be sure to update any changes to your farm plan. This could include seed choices, planting populations, spray applications or any scouting observations you make in-season. The more reliable your electronic records are, the stronger your data will be at the end of the season. Ultimately, yield data is your report card for how well the crop was managed. Having dependable, organized data can help you identify how and where to spend your dollars to get the greatest return the following year.
With harvest behind us, it’s a good time to review and organize data so you’re able to make better decisions for next season and beyond. Having an organized history of field data allows you to establish trends and fine-tune management practices. Work with your local WinField United retailer to learn more about how Data Silo can help you manage data more efficiently.

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