• Agriculture Technology
  • Nov 19, 2018

Help Farmers Know More With FieldReveal

Man using tablet and looking at field
As a retailer, you’re always looking for high-value, cost-effective ag tech tools to bring to your farmer customers. But in a challenging farm economy and a saturated ag technology marketplace, how do you ensure the tools you’re bringing to the table are the right ones?
FieldReveal™ is a user-friendly, complete precision farming and data management system. Rooted in agronomy, it provides key operational data via any device connected to the internet to link the components of farmers’ operations. This lets you spend more time with farmers and less time in the office managing data and information.
Mapping success
FieldReveal offers three levels of zone management maps:
  • MZB Zone Maps. Fields can be designated with up to 12 management zones for variable-rate seeding and multihybrid zone management.
  • MZB Lite Zone Maps. Fields can be designated with up to five management zones, including two topography zones and low, medium or high yield potential zones.
  • Entry-Level Zone Management. Zones are created using satellite imagery for yield potential, and fields are composite soil-sampled.
MZB zones make it easy to explain why you are recommending a certain level of nutrient application in a certain area and help you involve farmers in the process. This could lead to discussions about yield goals versus input costs and how much the farmer is willing to — or should — spend.
Yield-by-zone reports
At the end of the season, FieldReveal runs yield-by-zone reports about how specific field zones fared. Then, you and your farmers can review the prescriptions you put in place to determine ROI. This lets you all see if money, time and effort are being spent in zones that aren’t delivering on ROI and/or yield potential.
Comprehensive support
A marketplace differentiator for FieldReveal is its commitment to ensuring retailers are adequately trained to use the system successfully. That means having account managers who work with you to ensure you’re fully onboarded and trained to leverage FieldReveal to its fullest.
FieldReveal staff create strategic plans for each account based upon goals retailers set and what they want to measure. Success against goals is reviewed annually between FieldReveal and each retail customer.
In the pipeline
Future enhancements from FieldReveal include easier management of machine data, more enhanced seed-recommendation tools and reports that demonstrate the benefits of variable-rate management. What FieldReveal chooses to develop is largely driven by what its users want, which demonstrates its commitment to helping you and your farmers be more successful.
You can learn more about FieldReveal here. Talk with your WinField United representative about putting it to work in your retail business.