• Agriculture Technology
  • Dec 15, 2017

What’s on Your 2018 Ag Tech Wish List?

What I enjoyed most about 2017 was working with farmers to test and implement different ag tech tools on their operations. If I were to put together a wish list for next year, it would include a mix of tools that I know many farmers already use, as well as a couple new technologies that are just hitting the market. Here are a few of my favorites:
Climate FieldView™ Drive 
If I were a farmer, this would be my number one purchase. This tool is slick, easy to use and delivers quick, digestible analytics. I like how you can give access to your trusted advisor, such as sharing field health imagery and crop performance information. From there, your advisor can help you dive deeper and think about what next year may look like. If I only had one bucket of money and could only buy one thing, it would be this.
EFC Systems™
This is a premier product that your retailer would typically buy and then provide to you as a service. The retailer’s Merchant Ag™ tool connects to precision software, creating a field-by-field or even zone-by-zone cost summary. Gaining more margin through the use of this tool means $3 corn becomes an opportunity, rather than a deficit.
This tool keeps it simple. If it’s not your style to bring an iPad® into the field, this is the tool for you. It plugs directly into your tractor and wirelessly transfers data to the cloud or your retailer’s tool. Also, Farmobile is typically compatible with older equipment.
Agrible has found a unique way to scale on-farm drone use. You map a field, then drones fly it and Agrible automatically stiches the images and delivers a Morning Farm Report®. This is one of the most practical drone technologies I’ve seen, and I look forward to exploring it further in 2018.
R7® Field Forecasting Tool by WinField United
Our web-based crop modeling solution will be available for commercial use in 2018. The tool uses field-specific information and tissue sampling results to help farmers determine optimal timing and rates for nutrient applications. What I’m most excited about is that it will be a one-stop shop for all of a farmer’s information about a particular field.
Talk with your trusted advisor about what ag tech options make the most sense for your operation in 2018. Precision and accuracy through the use of ag tech tools ultimately equates to better use of time and resources. To me, that’s priceless.
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