• Agriculture Technology
  • Feb 03, 2017

SOILMAP Sync Review

SOILMAP Sync is an iPad®-only app that connects agronomists or crop scouts with farmer field data stored in the SOILMAP agronomy platform. This straightforward app provides access to soil nutrient testing data and recommendation files within the SOILMAP platform. As a scouting application, SOILMAP Sync allows the user to mark a location in a field that is already in the SOILMAP system; collect various pieces of information about crop condition, pests and diseases; and take georeferenced photos.
I found that this tool had enough flexibility to work in multiple scenarios and made it possible to customize a scouting scenario and report.
  • Multiple management options. The background map choices include road, hybrid or satellite maps. After selecting a farmer, the user may access farm and field information. Within the fields section, the user can choose either field surfaces to obtain available soil test information or scouting to prepare a scouting report.
  • Varied crop choices. The field surfaces option includes recommendation maps for alfalfa, corn and soybeans, as well as nutrient maps.
  • Scouting report flexibility. The scouting functionality allows the user to select and add notes about specific diseases, disorders, insects and weeds, as well as insert pictures from the camera or from stored images on the iPad. 
  • Streamlined reporting. The scouting report can be synchronized with the SOILMAP platform so it is stored in the hierarchy of information there; the report may also be emailed to others. Because this app connects directly to the SOILMAP system, it uses the same naming convention as on the desktop.
For me, simplicity is a must with tech and I found this tool easy to use. Users download the app from the Apple App Store and enter login credentials obtained from their SOILMAP source. Because the first login can take up to 20 minutes while the app downloads data on the farmers, farms and fields in the user’s account, I recommended having the iPad connected to WI-FI during this process.
The Bottom Line 
The SOILMAP Sync app is a very useful tool, allowing on-the-go access to field information. It also provides a convenient scouting program that attaches the report directly back to the SOILMAP system. I would encourage anyone using the SOILMAP agronomy package to consider using SOILMAP Sync in addition to their software package.