• Agriculture Technology
  • Apr 05, 2018

FieldReveal Uncovers the Real Story

With multiple precision ag tools in the marketplace, you need to find the one that can equip you and your trusted advisor with the data you need to make your inputs work harder and help your fields thrive.
FieldReveal is a user-friendly, complete precision farming and data management system that your trusted advisor can easily access. It provides farmers like you and those who provide services on your operation (applicators, for example) with immediate access to key operational data via any device connected to the internet.
Anchored in agronomy
FieldReveal uses multiple data layers to identify field variability and provide a streamlined platform from which your local advisor can create recommendations, using knowledge of the field, crop and management practices. FieldReveal can be used from planning through planting, in-season to harvest.
One of the things FieldReveal does best is creating variable-rate fertility maps and planting maps prior to the growing season. In-season, the tool can be used to connect with soil labs and dispatch software. This means your agronomist can take a soil sample, feed the results from the lab into FieldReveal and use that information to create a prescription. Then, he or she can send that prescription to the application rig at their cooperative or retail location so it can be applied to your fields at the right time and at the right rate.
Answer Plot® data
FieldReveal is not directly linked to Answer Plot® data; however, Answer Plot® data can be combined with the FieldReveal seed prescription tool to ensure that the right seed is placed in the right zone at the right population. Your trusted advisor can use the R7® Tool to determine what seed will perform best in your soil type, how much nitrogen it needs to reach its full potential and if there are nutrient deficiencies that need to be addressed.
Starting this year, FieldReveal will be able to send collected data to Answer Tech® Data Siloä that can then be shared with other tools to help manage fields in-season through things like crop modeling, scouting tools, in-season imagery, and tools that help with seed selection and placement.
Fertility management
I think the biggest benefit of FieldReveal is its ability to build a fertility management plan, taking the farmer’s yield goal and determining how to feed both higher-potential and lower-potential areas of the field based on soil test results. Then, based on the data, the local trusted advisor may recommend a variable-rate scenario for fertility and/or seed; or perhaps planting some fields with multiple hybrids.
Pull back the curtain on field health
Rather than trying to do everything, FieldReveal stays true to its core agronomic focus. I have seen a number of success stories with the tool, including farmers who have been able to cut back on input costs by placing nutrients in the most promising zones of their fields, and optimize yield potential by planting higher populations in the best zones and reducing populations in lower-producing areas.
You can find more in-depth information about FieldReveal here. Talk with your agronomic advisor about making this flexible tool part of your decision-making process.

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