• Agriculture Technology

Have Tech on Tap for Next Season

Machine in front of grain bins at sunrise

You probably have your seed and crop inputs ordered or maybe already in the barn. But how’s your ag technology planning going for next season? Work with your local trusted advisor now to determine how to best leverage ag tech tools to help reach your goals in the coming year. Here are a few things to keep in mind during those conversations.


1. Identify your biggest in-field challenges.

Was there a nagging problem last season that you’re carrying into the next one? A persistent nutrient deficiency? Poor crop vigor? Weed, insect or disease issues you became aware of too late? Your agronomist can steer you toward tech tools that can detect and address these challenges faster.

2. Looked at ag tech tools in the past? Look again.

If there’s a tool you considered three years ago, it’s probably changed. We’re seeing ag tech companies introduce their second and third generations of products, some of which have pivoted from their initial intentions.


For example, what began as a nitrogen recommendation tool may have morphed into a yield analysis tool. That’s a completely different value proposition from the first go-around, but one that could still provide significant value to your operation. WinField United offers a variety of partner tools that complement our own branded tech offerings, so work with your agronomist to revisit tools or discover new ones that are right for you.


3. Use limited resources wisely.

I don’t need to tell you that the ag economy continues to be challenging. Keep things simple, and use tech tools that enable you to be more efficient and optimize your inputs per bushel. Ag tech tools can help you use your budget at optimal times. For example, there’s a good chance that in some places in the United States, there is going to be weather like we haven’t seen in decades — or ever. Using decision ag tools that enable action precisely when needed can help you avoid applying 250 bushels’ worth of resources on what will ultimately be a 175-bushel crop.


Technology enables you make data-backed decisions and solve problems. Talk with your trusted advisor about what your ag tech strategy should look like next season.