• Agriculture Technology
  • May 15, 2017

ScoutPro App Review

ScoutPro is an easy-to-use, flexible app to use with scouting programs. Not only does it help scouts and farmers quickly identify problems within a field, it also helps managers maintain consistency among scouts, sellers and yearly scouting activities.

While managing a ScoutPro-powered program for United Cooperative in Webster City, Iowa, I appreciated how quick and easy it was to send scouting reports to farmers. I was also able to see if farmers had viewed their reports. The farmers I worked with liked how simple it was to read and glean information from the ScoutPro reports they received.

For Rachael Dahlman, a WinField United seed and agronomy advisor who partners with Centra Sota Coop, ScoutPro helped with scouting management and productivity. "ScoutPro made it easier for our interns to identify pests, weeds and diseases in the field,” Dahlman says. “And ScoutPro’s workflow software allowed scouts, agronomists and interns to manage their own time, and managers to confirm projects were staying on track. It was also very easy to share tasks between scouts and interns for increased efficiency.”

ScoutPro-powered scouting programs also provided important deliverables to farmers and off-site agronomists. "The geo-referencing capabilities made it easy to find the exact location of any identified issue," says Dahlman.

The Bottom Line
With in-field efficiency and desktop simplicity, scouting programs that use ScoutPro can help all aspects of an agronomy business succeed. The tool allows managers to quickly deploy scouts and agronomists with a workflow-focused solution and easily share professional scouting reports with farmers in-season and during the crop-planning months.