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Engineering New Insights at the Innovation Center

Spray analysis at the Innovation Center
Farmers are always seeking more effective and efficient spray technologies in order to get the most out of their investments in crop protection products. In short, you want to ensure applications are landing where they’re supposed to land and doing what they’re supposed to do once they get there.
At the WinField United Innovation Center, we develop the technologies that make that happen — and more. The Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art facility focused on product discovery and enhancement, which includes the testing and development of adjuvants as well as seed care, plant nutrition and crop protection products.
The Innovation Center brings together agronomists, chemists and agriculture technology specialists to find more efficient and effective ways to manage spray applications. As an engineer at the center, I’ve seen firsthand how these challenges are addressed and how solutions are found. One recent example is discovering the value of using a superior drift reduction adjuvant to help keep dicamba applications on target.
Here are some other ways the center is setting farmers like you up for success.

We focus on local insights

More than 300 million acres of farmland is planted each year in the United States. A majority of those acres will get at least one spray application. But we know that the environment in a Texas cotton field is much different than in a Minnesota sugar beet field. That’s why the research we’re doing in our climate-controlled lab spaces is so important. We’re able to fine-tune the humidity, temperature and wind speed to simulate different environments from across the country, which helps us find the best solutions for your fields.

We dive deeper into research and deliver relevant solutions

The are several benefits of doing all our research in-house. First, we have full control of the experimentation process. We’re able to conduct as many iterations of a trial as we need to, and when we get an interesting result we can dive into it deeper. Second, scientists at the Innovation Center have access to agronomists, ag technology specialists, retailers and farmers. We’re able to collaborate to study the issues that matter most to the agriculture community. We understand the challenges farmers face and have the resources to tackle them.

We fail faster so you don’t have to

Experimentation at the Innovation Center is all about finding the best practice, product or recommendation. We realize that not every idea will be a winner, and the research capabilities at the Innovation Center are helping us fail faster so we can quickly identify the things that will help farmers succeed the most. Our in-house testing is really a proving ground for our products and recommendations so farmers can expect reliable, consistent results no matter what challenges they face.
I’m excited about the work we’re doing at the Innovation Center and optimistic about how the insights we’re developing are providing solutions for farmers. To find out more about new products and research occurring at the WinField United Innovation Center, talk with your local trusted advisor.