• Agriculture Technology, Research and Development
  • Feb 12, 2019

Bringing Innovation to Your Farm

WinField United Innovation Center exterior
Not all WinField United research takes place through the Answer Plot® program. We also find solutions to agronomic challenges in the lab. And we combine the data we collect in-field with the discoveries made by our scientists to create products that help you optimize the quality and yield potential of your crops.
Opened in 2017, the WinField United Innovation Center in River Falls, Wisconsin, is where we do our laboratory work. It’s a state-of-the-art facility focused on product discovery and enhancement. Here, we support all lines of the WinField United business, including the testing and development of adjuvants, as well as seed care, plant nutrition and crop protection products. We produce sound research using established methods to provide you with products you can rely on.
Additional research on products and practices is also conducted at Solum Laboratories, located in Ames, Iowa. Look for more information on those efforts later this year.
Wind tunnel research
In November, we donated our former wind tunnel to the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering for its research efforts. Our new wind tunnel, slated to be operational this summer, will give us information about spray deposition characteristics and how spray moves through the air. It will also have a high-speed section where we can test the performance of aerially applied products.
In addition, our new low-speed wind tunnel system, which became operational in early 2018, provides us with droplet spectrum, drift potential and coverage information. All of our wind tunnel research enables us to gauge how well our adjuvants help crop protection products hit their targets and be as effective as possible once they get there. This means that when you use one of our adjuvants, you can be confident your crop protection investment is staying in the field to provide the performance you’re paying for.
New research is also emerging from our greenhouse and growth chamber facilities, where we’re able to perform “in-field” testing year round. We’ll report on those outcomes later in the year.
Adjuvant advances
The newest adjuvant developed at the Innovation Center is Permeate™ adjuvant— a next-generation non-ionic surfactant that helps optimize application coverage. Permeate contains no nononylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), which makes it a more environmentally conscientious product. We’re focused on developing products that make less of an environmental impact without sacrificing the efficacy of crop protection products.
What sets us apart
It takes years to develop, test, introduce and promote a product. At WinField United, we’ve learned that, as an industry leader, we can’t be reactive to trends; we have to be out in front of them and even defining them. We are always looking to develop products that provide optimal solutions for farmers. These have included our signature InterLock® adjuvant and newer products like OnTarget® adjuvant, which is specifically designed for use with the new dicamba herbicide chemistries. Our goals are always defined with the farmer in mind, using both laboratory controls and in-field realities to create products that help farmers, and the industry as a whole, move forward.
To find out more about new products and research occurring at the WinField United Innovation Center, talk with your local trusted advisor. See how the work we’re doing can help you be an innovator on your operation.