• Agriculture Technology
  • Feb 08, 2017

Focus Inputs Where Response Is Greatest

We all have that spot in a field where the yield monitor spikes, registering far more bushels than in some underperforming zones. This discrepancy can be particularly perplexing if you’ve managed fertility the same way across the entire field or even upped fertility applications in lagging areas. 
As you try to determine why some acres are much more productive, it’s just as important to analyze how much you’re losing on areas that provide little to no return. Ag technology tools can help you identify variability in each field and build agronomic plans that can turn variances into opportunities.
The R7® Tool Profitability Map from WinField United gives you the ability to compare yield-potential maps with your fields’ yield data to determine your return on investment. To use this tool, you simply select a map for the field being analyzed to use as the base, then enter the inputs used and the anticipated selling price per bushel. If you’re working with a grain marketer, you can also use this function to determine the lock-in price needed to maximize profitability.
Determining where and where not to invest
The Profitability Map will help you identify the most lucrative areas of your field so you can make the most cost-effective decisions about where to invest your input dollars. For example, if you’ve identified a sandy zone within your field that produces significantly less in wet years, you may consider split nitrogen applications this year to minimize nitrogen loss. The Profitability Map can help you determine whether or not the additional application cost is justifiable.
Whether you use it for planning in-season applications or year-end review, this tool is an easy way to track your return on investment.
Deciding how much to invest
When you’re trying to determine whether or not an application will pay, you can compare multiple map versions for the same field with different input options to identify which scenario best fits your goals.
Contact your local WinField® United retailer to learn more about profit mapping capabilities, so you can put your money where your yield is.