• Agriculture Technology
  • Jun 12, 2018

AkerScout™ Update Adds Functionality

Farmers have a lot to think about each season, so it’s important to find tools that help them stay on top of various field duties. AkerScout™ is a free, easy-to-use crop scouting app that was introduced last year. The app has now been updated, with new versions for both iPhone and Android users.
The app is designed for use by farmers, but it is also appropriate for ag retailers, suppliers and agronomists to help them prioritize, document and share integrated pest management scouting information. Through the app, users can also place orders for Aker’s exclusive high-resolution imagery service, now available nationwide. There are no limits on user accounts, storage, scouting observations recorded or acres in the system.
Putting input from farmers and agronomists to work
AkerScout™ staff listened to feedback from its top users and incorporated much of it into the updated app. One of the key pieces of feedback was that users wanted the ability to enter their own field boundaries and then place orders for high-resolution in-season imagery through the app. This is now possible.
Here are some of the other new features available on AkerScout™:
  • Integrates high-resolution imagery for directed scouting
  • Adds pins for georeferenced annotations
  • Captures georeferenced field images
  • Shares scouting reports with non-users
  • Records fully integrated pest management information
  • Can be accessed via mobile app or online desktop
  • Works offline for low-internet areas so that users don’t lose data
AkerScout™ is accessed by users in 21 countries and includes the integrated pest management cycle across diseases, insects and weeds as well as fertility issues for 92 different crops, including cover crops.
In addition, each field that AkerScout™ surveys is reviewed by a staff of professional agronomists, who identify areas of interest that should be scouted first. AkerScout™ is available for download on Answer Tech®.