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Achieve Uniform Sunflower Stands with Prosun™ Precise Seed Pellet

Achieve Uniform Sunflower Stands with Prosun Precise Seed Pellet

Kyle Okke
Dickinson, ND
Accurate seed spacing is essential in order to achieve an even, uniform sunflower stand. One of the best ways to ensure correct spacing and population in sunflower crops is to plant a consistent seed size.
Of course, sunflower seeds can vary quite a bit in size. In some cases, the size of the seed you receive can require modifying your planter prior to planting. Fortunately, you can help reduce the chances of having to alter your planter and help improve how the seed flows through it by having your CROPLAN® sunflower seeds coated with Germains prosun precise sunflower seed pellet.
Germains Seed Technology’s coating systems utilize state of the art process and applications technologies that produce high quality seed coatings that improve your crop’s performance. Derived from coating materials successfully applied to tens of millions of acres of sugar beet, prosun precise pellet is scientifically formulated for sunflower. This coating provides added weight and a smooth, slick finish that enables sunflower seeds to flow smoothly through precision air planters, helping farmers achieve accurate field populations. Note that this product is not recommended for air seeders, finger planters or plate planters, however, as those planters can damage the seed coating.
Prosun precise seed coating offers the following benefits, each of which can contribute to optimizing sunflower yield potential:

  • Adds weight to seed for improved placement in the field. Since sunflower seeds are lightweight, it’s easy for them to move off target when dropped from the planter. The added weight from this coating helps reduce any unwanted movement.

  • Reduces dust off and maximizes flowability through planters. Prosun precise helps prevent dust-off by covering seed treatments with a smooth, slick finish. This helps ensure that each seed retains the amount of insecticide and fungicide products that was intended, and enables seeds to move better through precision air planters.

  • Uniform seed size provides more uniform stands. Planting the same seed size across your field helps reduce skips and multiples. As shown in the bar chart at right, skips and multiples occurred far less often in NDSU research trials when sunflower seeds were coated with prosun precise.1 This improved accuracy can stimulate more balanced plant growth across your stand.

This has the potential to result in better weed, disease and insect management, as it enables you to apply crop protection products when the all plants in your stand are at the same growth stage. An even stand also means the plants in your stand will be more likely to mature at the same time. This can help prevent late-season standability concerns, because you won’t need to delay harvest to give your crop’s late bloomers enough time to catch up.


Yield Improvement Trial Results

NDSU research shows that yields improved by an impressive 10.7 percent average2 when comparing sunflower seed coated with Prosun precise pellets against raw seed. At the current market average of $18.40/cwt3, this added profit of $31.65/A more than justifies the input cost.

Some farmers have a personal preference when it comes to the size of seed they like to plant, while others are tied to a certain seed size to remain compatible with their planter. Prosun precise helps meet those seed size requirements by giving you the ability to select from a variety of consistent seed sizes for most CROPLAN sunflower varieties. It isn’t available on all varieties however, so be sure to consult your locally owned and operated WinField United retailer when placing your seed order.
1 Data represents 3 trials combined; NDSU Research Extension Centers in Carrington (2017 & 2018) and Minot (2018). Two varieties tested in each trial, sizes within a variety from same seed field. Number of skips and/or multiples per 100 feet of row.
2 Data represents 3 trials combined; NDSU Research Extension Centers in Carrington (2017 & 2018) and Minot (2018).
3 Revenue calculated using an average NuSun selling price of $18.40/cwt, Enderlin, ND (Source: NSA Daily Market News, 10/16/2019)
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