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Enhance Farm Planning With SECURE Financing

Farmer and retailer strategize a farm plan near grain bins.
Have you started planning for 2022 yet?
The honest answer for many producers is probably no. At Frontier Cooperative, we take a different approach to farm management. Once planters stop rolling in the spring, we start talking to our growers about the next crop year, and SECURE Financing by WinField® United has been a great tool that fits right into our proactive, holistic farm plans. Here’s how.

Helps Mitigate Risk

By shifting our mindset to the next crop year once seeds are in the ground, we’re able to make rational, strategic plans with emotions removed. When we get that plan estimated and finalized, tying SECURE financing into the program makes it simple for producers to access funding and prepay the inputs they need for the next year. This not only gives them a sound, well-thought-out strategy, it also prevents rushed decisions and scrambling for financing later down the road.

Strengthens Our Systems Approach

SECURE financing fits right into our systems approach to creating whole-farm plans. Producers can finance their seed, chemicals and fertilizer through SECURE financing, providing convenient access to their three major inputs in one simple place. When making input decisions, it’s easy to wrap financing into the process without having to manage extra steps or coordination.

Offers Competitive Interest Rates

We’re proud to offer our growers a competitive financing option to give them some flexibility back on their balance sheet. Compared to other financing offers, you can save about $9 an acre on interest expenses through SECURE financing, which can be invested in agronomic inputs or other tools that could generate additional income for your operation instead of simply writing a check for interest.

Keeps Your Business Local

SECURE financing is backed and provided by WinField United, but the whole process, from application onward, is located within your locally owned and operated WinField United retailer. The same people creating your farm’s game plan are also the people coordinating your financing, which not only provides an extra level of trust and understanding but keeps things localized for your convenience.
SECURE financing has been a great tool to offer our growers as we develop their farm plans. It’s simple to use, you can keep your business within your local retailer and the financing turnaround is quick so you can get your money flowing back fast.
To learn more about SECURE financing and how it could support your operation, talk with your locally owned and operated WinField United retailer.
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