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SECURE Financing Helps Give Growers an Edge

WinField United advisor talks with growers in a soybean field.
Since 2016, SECURE financing has been helping make business easier for farmers. Designed to support your operation’s goals, the program offers low fixed rates, can be used for seed, chemical and fertilizer purchases, and you don’t have to make your payments until February, after harvest.
In addition to its unique farm-focused structure, SECURE financing is unique in its offerings. It helps growers lock in low interest rates early, stay competitive with their business decisions and may even help them save money they can put toward more advanced management practices.
Lock in Low Rates and Early Purchases
Interest rates have continued to climb over the past year with 11 rate hikes in the past cycle. With SECURE financing, you can lock in low rates early and avoid potentially higher interest payments later on.
It can also help you take advantage of early-purchasing programs.
“The ability for growers to have financing in place and available in September can give them much more purchasing power to get in on the early side of available stock and take advantage of early order programs,” shared Jason Nelson, WinField United services adoption manager. “I’ve been working with growers on SECURE for years, and they overwhelmingly tell me how easy it is to use and how much they appreciate that it’s geared toward their success and making their life easier.”
Stay Competitive
Maintaining a competitive edge in farming often requires financial investments. With SECURE financing, you can get up to $500,000 in credit with an acceptable credit history to support your farm’s goals by simply completing a one-page application. Plus, additional financing is available with a more in-depth process.
“I work closely with a grower who has used SECURE financing for multiple years. He is a first-generation farmer, so he didn’t inherit anything and said he needs to look for every competitive advantage he can to be successful. This grower appreciates how easy SECURE is to use with his retailer, how competitive the offer is and how it helps him generate better cash flow,” said Will Mangen, WinField United services adoption manager.
Put Savings Toward Advanced Management Strategies
If you can save on interest payments with SECURE, it will free up funds to invest in furthering your operation. SECURE financing naturally complements the Advanced Acre® Rx program, which provides detailed agronomic prescriptions that are tailored to your farm, based on extensive data from the Answer Plot® program, designed to enhance your ROI potential per acre and backed by a service warranty.* In fact, we saw an average ROI of $83 per acre on corn Elite Rx® prescription plans when compared to the average local program in 2021.2
Both SECURE financing and the Advanced Acre Rx program are run through your local retailer, so you can leverage the relationship you have with your advisor while tapping into the robust data and resources of WinField United.
If you’re interested in supporting your farm goals with SECURE financing this year, contact your local WinField United retailer to get started.

2 2021 Answer Plot data.
*Agreement is required and conditions, restrictions and service fees apply. Percentage goals for the Approved Yield range from 95–105% for corn and 95–100% for soybeans. Due to factors outside of WinField United’s control, results to be obtained cannot be predicted or guaranteed by WinField United. Results may vary.
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