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Reduce Drift & Enhance Weed Control With New UltraLock Adjuvant

Side-by-side comparison of InterLock adjuvant an UltraLock adjuvant performance.
Weed control is a large but critical investment. Don’t let it drift away into thin air. For every inch of weed growth, you give up an average of 4.8 bushels in yield. At today’s prices, that’s $30-$60 in lost revenue per acre. Plus, with herbicide supply constraints and ever-increasing weed resistance, it will be even more important to get weed control right on the first pass this year.
New UltraLock adjuvant is an all-purpose drift and deposition aid available exclusively from WinField® United that’s taking on herbicide resistance, enhancing herbicide drift prevention and helping growers achieve better weed control.

Combines an industry leader with a proprietary polymer.

You may be familiar with InterLock® adjuvant, our industry-leading drift control product. UltraLock adjuvant combines that trusted, proven chemistry with a new proprietary polymer drift agent that enhances herbicide efficacy by improving canopy penetration and reducing drift.

Provides a single solution for all your DRA and DRT needs.

UltraLock is compatible with more than 22 top tank-mix partners and approved for use with many herbicide chemistries, including dicamba, 2,4-D, glyphosate and more. It is approved as a DRA with Engenia®, Tavium® and XtendiMax® herbicides.

Enhances herbicide performance and helps fight herbicide resistance.

With better leaf coverage comes better weed control. UltraLock adjuvant improves spray deposition and provides up to 20% more leaf coverage than other DRAs, allowing more product to be intercepted by the plant for better weed control. It also increases canopy depth to ensure active ingredient reaches farther for better efficacy.

Helps reduce resprays and drift damage.

UltraLock’s new patent-pending formulation reduces fine particles and delivers more droplets in the ideal droplet diameter resulting in fewer resprays and drift complaints. Derived from crop-based oil, UltraLock adjuvant considerably reduces the number of driftable fines with superior handling and spraying characteristics for enhanced herbicide efficacy without the hassle.
If you’re looking to level up your weed control and drift prevention measures this season, contact your local WinField United retailer to learn more and purchase UltraLock adjuvant.
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