For every inch of weed growth, you give up an average of 4.8 bushels in yield. At today’s prices, that’s $30-$60 in lost revenue per acre. UltraLock adjuvant enhances herbicide efficacy by improving spray deposition and coverage so more active ingredient gets to the target – and there are less weeds to chip away at your wallet.


The future is now. Next-generation herbicide drift prevention is here.

Features & Benefits

UltraLock adjuvant provides a single solution for all your DRA and DRT needs. Derived from crop-based oil, it considerably reduces the number of driftable fines with superior handling and spraying characteristics that enhanced herbicide efficacy without the hassle.

Helps reduce resprays and drift damage.

The new patent-pending formulation reduces fine particles and delivers more droplets in the ideal droplet diameter. It’s even been proven to reduce drift with dicamba tank mixes at half the use rate.

Enhances leaf coverage for better weed control.

UltraLock adjuvant improves spray deposition and provides up to 20% more leaf coverage than other DRAs, allowing more product to be intercepted by the plant for better weed control.

Helps fight herbicide resistance.

By enhancing canopy depth, UltraLock adjuvant helps ensure more active ingredient reaches the target for more effective applications.

Approved as a DRA for dicamba herbicides.

UltraLock adjuvant is approved as a DRA with Engenia®, Tavium® and XtendiMax® herbicides.

A Difference You Can See


Without UltraLock adjuvant, many dicamba spray patterns are susceptible to crosswind deformations, which lead to increased drift.


UltraLock adjuvant resists this deformation, resulting in a more uniform spray pattern and fewer driftable fines.

A Truly All-Purpose Drift and Deposition Adjuvant

UltraLock adjuvant is compatible with 22+ top tank-mix partners and approved for use with many herbicide chemistries, including:

2, 4-D

There are a lot of components growers need to include in their tank mixes, which can be an operational challenge. UltraLock adjuvant meets your DRA and DRT needs so you can eliminate a jug from your tank-mix equation to streamline the process and still get great performance." <span><b>- Heath Huntley,</b> Sales Agronomist, Five Star Cooperative</span>

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1Trials at 13 Answer Plot locations and 2 Product Development locations.


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