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  • Nov 03, 2018

Nurture Your Seed to Reach Its Potential

Two men standing by truck full of bagged seed
Every bag of seed has tremendous yield potential. Having a trusted advisor who understands how to place the best genetics on the right soils is critical, but perhaps even more important is what happens between planting and harvest.  

Robust testing
CROPLAN® seed by WinField United undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure the highest probability that it reaches its potential based on the soil type in which it’s planted and the geography in which it grows, and with the level of management best suited to enhancing its success. Data obtained through comprehensive testing in the Answer Plot® program and in Insight trials as well as at the WinField United Innovation Center, help us determine the right management practices needed for our seeds to excel. This data, available through our field staff and retailer network, differentiates WinField United in the marketplace. It truly enables us to make great genetics even better.
WinField United has the ability to test hybrids and varieties before they are released commercially to understand how they perform, where to place them and how to manage them.  
We take the time to explore the genetic potential of germplasm from major genetic and trait suppliers across the multiple crops we sell, and develop the right data and insights to optimize yield. For example, Answer Plot data shows tremendous yield potential when corn hybrids are managed based on agronomic response-to scores. All of these things result in optimized yield for the farmer.
Appropriate management
One of the key differentiators of CROPLAN seed is response-to scores. Helping farmers use these key insights is a must to achieve yield optimization. For example, understanding how a hybrid responds to nitrogen helps you manage that hybrid properly throughout the year. Same with response to population, response to cropping systems and response to fungicide.
Even absent heavy disease pressure, a large number of our CROPLAN hybrids and the partnered hybrids we represent have positive ROI with a fungicide application from a plant health perspective. These are all advantages that give WinField United and our owner retailers the ability to help you manage seeds to get more of the potential out of them versus companies that don’t have those insights.
Experienced counsel
Many plant breeders say there can be more than 700 bushels of yield potential per acre in a corn hybrid. A number of farmers have harvested more than 500 bushels per acre in yield competitions. So the limiting factor in yield isn’t a seed’s germplasm; it’s how that germplasm is managed. It’s understanding how to harness more of the ROI and yield potential in each seed by using the right inputs.
Look to your trusted advisor to help you hone your in-season management. He or she has the agronomic expertise that can complement your own extensive knowledge of your fields, and the latest technology such as the R7® Field Monitoring Tool and the R7 Field Forecasting Tool, that can help make in-season management easier and more precise. Tools that will enable your seed to not only start strong, but finish strong.
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