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CROPLAN Seed Offers New Spring Wheat Varieties in 2020


Close up of in-season green wheat plant

We’re always focused on bringing the best spring wheat genetics to market at WinField United. Through our persistent focus on wheat research, we’re excited to introduce two new spring wheat varieties to the CROPLAN® seed lineup for 2020. Here’s a glance at the strengths and best positioning of each of these varieties.

Maximize top-performing wheat acres with CP391

CROPLAN CP3910 is engineered to deliver top-end yield potential on well-performing soils while still providing decent protein content, making this new racehorse variety an excellent selection for your most productive acres. It also boasts a good standability score.

  • Product has top-end yield potential and acceptable protein
  • Best performance is on moderate- to higher-yielding ground
  • Recommended for low planting populations
  • Medium height variety with good standability

Take advantage of the performance consistency of CP3915

The versatility of the new CROPLAN CP3915 spring wheat makes it a stable fit for fields from eastern Montana all the way into northwestern Minnesota, based on yield data from Answer Plot® testing and university trials. This well-balanced variety delivers good yield potential, average to above average protein content, very good standability and strong disease resistance. This product shows exceptional resistance against bacterial leaf streak.

  • Best suited for eastern Montana through the Dakotas into northwestern Minnesota
  • Very good test weight; protein is similar to CP3530
  • Medium height with very good standability
  • Performs well at low planting populations and with aggressive nitrogen management

Supplies of these new spring wheat varieties will be limited in certain geographies, so reach out to your local WinField United retailer now if you’re interested in placing an order for the 2020 planting season.

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