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  • Dec 13, 2023

New Corn Products From CROPLAN Seed

Innovation is not optional at CROPLAN® seed. Every single season, we demand progress from our product lineup and bring new innovations on board that will drive the portfolio forward.  

A lot of time, effort and research goes into every CROPLAN hybrid. We’re excited to share our new products for the 2024 growing season and lift the curtain on all that happens before we bring a new product to market.  


New Products For 2024 

Our elite team of Seed Product Managers is constantly scouring the breeding pipelines looking for the next additions to the CROPLAN portfolio. We offer an independent approach in doing so because we have broad access to multiple germplasm pools and trait platforms. 

This fall, we released 15 new corn products from 82-116 relative maturity (RM). Eight of these products bring new above and below ground multiple modes of action, three of which contain the SmartStax® Pro (SSPRO) trait. We also added three new Trecepta® hybrids. 





CP2324 VT2P                           


Industry-leading yield potential in an early RM. 

CP2585 SS 


Consistent performance with SmartStax technology, great for areas with corn rootworm pressure. 

CP3143 VT2P 


Great agronomics and flexible placement. 

CP3330 VT2P 


High yield potential with outstanding agronomics and strong Goss’s wilt tolerance. 

CP3519 SS 


Lead SmartStax (SS) hybrid at 95-day RM with good agronomics and yield potential. 

CP3790 VT2P 


#1 yielding product nationally in the CROPLAN 95-day set with very good stress tolerance and flex. 

CP4024 SSPRO              


New trait in SSPRO and new germplasm for the CROPLAN lineup. Solid agronomics with good stalks and roots. 

CP4246 SS 


Very stable and versatile SmartStax option with excellent stalks and roots. 

CP4770 SS 


Best-in-class Goss’s wilt tolerance and strong drought tolerance.  

CP4840 TRE 


Broad adaptability with solid agronomics with best fit on the rotated acre and above-average grain quality.  

CP4917 SSPRO             


With new SSPRO trait, it couples a strong disease package with excellent agronomics. 

CP5132 SS 


With new SS trait, it is best suited for medium to highly productive rotated acres. Very good performance in 2-year Answer Plot® testing. 



Brings the latest trait for above and below ground insect protection to 113 RM. Exhibited tremendous performance in 2023 testing for both grain and silage. Solid product with very good disease tolerance and broad adaptability. 

CP5363 TRE 


Exhibited excellent performance in 2022 and 2023 Answer Plot and on-farm testing. High yield potential product that responds well to fungicide applications. 

CP5682 TRE 


Outstanding 2-year performance in Answer Plot and on-farm trials. Brings genetic diversity to the late RM set with excellent yield potential. 


How New Products Make It In The CROPLAN Lineup 

Before any products made it on the list above, they had to go through multiple stages of thorough testing to earn their spot.  

First, products undergo several years of testing in the breeding pipeline. Then, our Seed Product Managers identify strong performers they think would bring something new to the CROPLAN lineup, whether higher yield potential, better agronomics, better stability or a combination of factors.   

If chosen, the hybrid then enters the Answer Plot system for testing as a CROPLAN experimental product. This is where Corn Performance Trials are conducted, which gives us the size and scale to evaluate product performance on a wide range of geographies and environments.  

If a hybrid does well across Answer Plot trials in its first year or two, it moves onto additional on-farm Insights Trials. These trials take place on local farms to evaluate performance in scenarios where equipment, management, planting and harvest decisions are determined by the grower. The goal of these trials is to stretch each product across as many geographies and environments as possible to determine its limitations and identify any weaknesses Answer Plot protocols hadn’t revealed. 

Combining all three of these research methods helps us ensure only the best products make it to you. In addition to yield data, we also have management insights and experience needed to help you manage it to success. 

Seed Is Just The Start  

Ensuring strong performance is critical but that’s not where our research stops. You don’t stop managing a crop at planting, so we don’t end our insights there either.  

A large portion of our Answer Plot research is dedicated to gaining management intel, such as response-to nitrogen and response-to fungicide scores. This gives us the ability to not only place hybrids in the right situation for the highest ROI potential, but also deliver management insights that take into account all the other decisions and products needed in a season to maximize return.  

Those management insights also power our Advanced Acre® Rx program, which is designed to help you manage fields as the intricate systems they are. Our data proves there is yield potential to be unlocked when you shift to a comprehensive, whole-acre management approach instead of choosing inputs one by one. That’s why we back the prescriptions with a service warranty. Which means you get the service investment back if you don’t achieve expected yields.* 

Your local CROPLAN retailer is your ticket to accessing these new products and management insights. When you choose CROPLAN, you choose innovation. 


*Agreement is required, and conditions, restrictions and service fees apply. Percentage goals for the Approved Yield range from 95–105% for corn and 95–100% for soybeans. Due to factors outside of WinField United’s control, results to be obtained cannot be predicted or guaranteed by WinField United. Results may vary. 

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