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Newest CROPLAN Hybrids Excelled in 2022

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Last season, CROPLAN® hybrids showed us it’s possible to get consistent performance and high yield potential. Our newest class of products, hitting fields for 2023 planting, combines elite germplasm with the latest insect trait technology for excellent performance. We’re excited about the potential these hybrids hold for our growers this season.          

Consistent Performance Despite Conditions

Across our nationwide Answer Plot® trials, CROPLAN hybrids faced various environmental stresses. Despite hot, dry conditions out West and enhanced disease pressure in areas of the Corn Belt, CROPLAN hybrids consistently performed. Our latest class of corn hybrids offered strong drought resilience and disease resistance in challenging environmental conditions. The genetic gain our products have made over the past several years was more evident than ever in 2022.
We knew we had a robust product portfolio, each hybrid made strong with the early-season disease and insect control of Fortivent® Plus seed treatment. But we were still impressed by the consistent performance across such diverse environments last season. Here’s an overview of some of the latest CROPLAN hybrids that had a strong performance in 2022.

  • 97 RM, SmartStax® Pro

  • Features three modes of action against below-ground pests, including RNAi technology for corn rootworm control

  • High-yield potential hybrid that competes with later maturing products but retains low moisture characteristics

  • Versatile east-to-west placement

  • Strong tolerance to Goss’s wilt


  • 98 RM, Trecepta®

  • Features three modes of action against above-ground pests

  • Extremely high yield potential on average to above-average acres

  • #1 overall yielding hybrid in 100-day relative maturity Answer Plot trials

  • Ear flex to handle a wide range of planting densities


  • 106 RM, SmartStax Pro

  • Features three modes of action against below-ground pests, including RNAi technology for corn rootworm control

  • Versatile and stable hybrid that moves north well

  • Solid stalks and roots


  • 112 RM, VT Double Pro®

  • Features two modes of action against above-ground pests

  • Very good test weight and grain quality

  • Strong ear flex to accommodate a variety of planting populations

  • Broadly adapted with solid agronomics

  • Strong silage data


  • 118 RM, Trecepta

  • Features three modes of action against above-ground pests

  • Top-end yield potential with solid stalks and roots

  • Exceptional emergence characteristics

  • Excellent southern rust tolerance

The performance consistency of CROPLAN hybrids is no accident. It’s a direct result of the effort we put into testing our products in the Answer Plot program. Through our replicated trials, we get to see how our products perform across different conditions. With more looks at a seed product, we can generate more specific placement and management recommendations for you. That translates into more reliable seed decisions and on-farm performance. In fact, we’re so confident in our products, we back our hybrids with a competitive replant policy.1

Transforming the Seed Decision

The latest class of CROPLAN hybrids combines elite genetics with some of the most advanced trait technologies for battling in-season pests. We’re one of the few brands that can offer such diversity in a product portfolio and a solution for nearly every acre. When you partner with us, you get a firsthand look at the future of crop production as we transform the seed decision into a whole-acre approach to farm management.
We know that the most successful farmers take a holistic view of their management decisions. CROPLAN products are well-equipped to help you manage the entire acre, and we’re one of the first brands to offer a service warranty* on our recommendations through the Advanced Acre® Rx prescription program. Of course, we want to exceed the industry average for genetic gain, but we know that isn’t enough. You need a prescriptive management plan to get the most bushels from every acre. You have to understand how your seed responds to fertility, planting population and fungicide applications to maximize your return on investment. The Advanced Acre Rx program empowers your CROPLAN retailer to provide these necessary components to help you mitigate risk and meet your profitability goals.

Farmer-Focused Future

Last season we saw firsthand how the CROPLAN lineup has evolved and advanced. Our momentum has never been stronger, and we’re a leader in the industry with innovative ways to manage risk and improve outcomes. We have the data, insights, experience and relationships to nimbly adapt as your needs change. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of CROPLAN seed, contact your local CROPLAN retailer.
1 Certain restrictions apply. Talk with your CROPLAN seed dealer for details.
*Agreement is required, and conditions, restrictions and service fees apply. Percentage goals for the APH crop yield range from 95–105% for corn and 95–100% for soybeans. Only available to corn and soybean farmers who enroll a minimum of 250 acres of an individual crop in the program. Due to factors outside of WinField United’s control, results to be obtained cannot be predicted or guaranteed by WinField United. Results may vary.
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