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CROPLAN® Portfolio Now Includes COAXIUM® Hard Red Spring Wheat

Image showing an application of Aggressor herbicide in a CoAXium wheat field.
CROPLAN® has added a new spring wheat variety to its lineup. CP3201AX CoAXium® hard red spring is now available in limited quantities for spring seeding. This variety is part of the CoAXium Wheat Production System, which provides a new tool for weed control by combining dedicated industry stewardship with the patented, non-GMO AXigen® trait that tolerates in-crop applications of Aggressor® herbicide
Aggressor herbicide offers the selectivity growers need to effectively control most winter annual grasses including Group 2 (ALS) resistant biotypes such as downy brome, jointed goatgrass, feral rye, Italian ryegrass and volunteer cereals along with some perennial grasses including quackgrass without causing crop injury.
Aggressor herbicide offers several other benefits, including: 
  • An additional Group 1 herbicide mode of action with a different spectrum of control and excellent crop safety when used on varieties developed with the AXigen trait. 
  • Excellent companion in a weed control program. It can be combined with many broadleaf weed partners for grass and broadleaf control in a single application. Note that for optimal grass control, however, it’s recommended to alternate applications of Aggressor with a broadleaf herbicide, ensuring that Aggressor is applied either 24 hours before or 7 days after the broadleaf herbicide.
  • Tank-mix compatibility and application with foliar fertilizers. 
  • Application rates of 8-12 oz./A depending on environment, weed species and size at time of application.
  • A wide window of crop growth application from 5-leaf wheat to jointing i.e., node detectable on main stem.  
One important note is that if growers want to tank mix Aggressor® herbicide with a broadleaf herbicide, they shouldn’t pair it with dimethylamine salt formulations of 2,4-D or MCPA. Per label instructions, those can be antagonistic and significantly reduce control of grassy weeds. Ester formulations of these chemistries, however, can be tank mixed with successful results. 
Most tank-mix partners contain enough surfactant to get good results when applying multiple herbicides, but if applying Aggressor herbicide by itself, I’d recommend adding a crop oil concentrate (COC) like Superb® HC adjuvant by WinField® United at a rate of 0.5% volume by volume to improve herbicide uptake. 
Interested in planting CROPLAN CoAXium® spring wheat in 2022? Contact your local WinField United retailer for details and assistance on how to best manage this new variety on your acres. 
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