• Jun 16, 2017

Connected Data Brings Dividends

This is the second in a series of articles about how Answer Tech® Data Silo™ can enable you to help farmers leverage the power of the data they collect. In this post, Dave Enos, an Answer Tech marketing leader for WinField United, discusses the importance of connectivity and data synchronization and how Data Silo™ can help farmers facilitate a more harmonious use of tech tools.
As a trusted advisor, you help farmers make informed field decisions every day, likely through two-way information sharing. When you and your customers are promptly alerted to nutrient deficiencies; disease, insect or weed outbreaks; or damage from severe weather, you are receiving information that’s critical to keeping farming operations on track. Many of those alerts are received via ag technology tools.
But data needs to be accessible. A farmer who has information stored on various thumb drives, or has yet to download data from a piece of equipment, is not going to be able to react as nimbly to in-field issues. Answer Tech® Data Silo™ can help you help your customers aggregate their data in one easy, cloud-based system so that it is available to both of you to facilitate strategic, timely decision-making.
Field-level organization
Data Silo™ provides a place where you can organize grower information at the field level, which then allows you to use it to provide agronomic solutions. If your retail operation does not have a central data repository, communication between you and your customers may be impeded, which can stop crop management progress during the busiest periods of the growing season.
Current information
Many ag tech tools are capable of being connected, but not synchronized. That is, you can move files between them, but those files may not work well together. Having information stored in Data Silo™ enables the tools you and your farmers use to be shared synchronously. If information is updated in one tool, it is updated across tools. This delivers value to both you and the farmer, and lays the groundwork for achieving comprehensive agronomic solutions that build upon each other.
Eliminate duplication
One of the challenges your retail location may face is using a number of different systems to run your business and serve the farmer. If those systems are not linked, you may have to re-enter data. This is not only inefficient — it costs your business time and money, and it can also cause errors. Just because information has been entered doesn’t mean it’s been entered accurately.
Being able to use exact information in a seamless, efficient way allows farmers to have confidence that their trusted advisor is using the latest field-level data to arrive at sound decisions. In turn, having clean, accurate data helps you create solutions that deliver optimal return on investment potential for the farmer.
Talk with your WinField United representative about how Data Silo™ can help you help your farmers achieve their goals.

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