• Agriculture Technology
  • Feb 08, 2019

Complementary Tools Add Value

Agronomic advisor reviewing tablets with customers
Have you heard about the ag tech tool that does everything from selecting seed to applying  herbicide to fetching you a cold beverage and grilling your steak just the way you like it? All right, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. But we’ve all heard the “here’s the only ag tech tool you’ll ever need” pitch.
And as nice as something like that might be, it’s not reality.
At WinField United, we know we don’t have that one magic tool. But here’s how we’re taking our suite of tech tools and partnering with other companies to add even more value to your decision ag strategy.
Soil sampling and zone-based fertility prescriptions
To start the season off right, pair WinField® United partner tools such as FieldReveal™, FieldAlytics™, or Climate FieldView™ with the Answer Tech Data Silo® and R7® Tool to make sure seed is planted in the most appropriate soil type, and nutrients are placed correctly and at the proper rates.
  • FieldReveal provides three levels of zone nutrient management as well as reports on how specific field zones fared throughout the season.
  • FieldAlytics helps improve efficiencies and profit potential through use of features that include field mapping, yield analysis and variable-rate application. It also works well with the R7 Tool to create fertility prescriptions.
  • Climate FieldView collects, stores and visualizes field data, managing field variability by building customized fertility and seeding plans.
All three of these partner tools can be connected to the Data Silo, which provides one location to securely store and synchronize farm data such as field boundaries, zones, and as-applied yield and soil-sampling data across multiple platforms. Data Silo feeds into the R7 Tool and its components, including the R7 Field Monitoring Tool and the R7 Field Forecasting Tool, enabling data to move easily between them. If you’re not enrolled in Data Silo, talk with your local trusted advisor about doing so.
Optimizing in-season imagery
Here’s an example of how you can use complementary ag tools. The R7 Tool provides access to in-season imagery that is calibrated across the season. With this information, you can spatially fine-tune differences within the field that may be important to investigate with some good old-fashioned boots-on-the-ground scouting. Thenyou can incorporate the Field Forecasting Tool, which helpstarget timing and rate decisions for in-season applications of nitrogen and potassium. The R7 Tool in-season imagery can help you determine how to take a base nutrient rate and vary it across your fields for optimal effect.
By using complementary tools, you can choose the best-of-breed for each type of decision you need to make. Talk with your agronomist now to formulate a nutrient-management plan that employs a number of different means to help you optimize yield and ROI potential.
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