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  • Dec 21, 2018

2018 Data Spells Success for CROPLAN Corn, Soybeans

Man walking near planter with bag of CROPLAN seed
In many areas of the country, 2018 was a challenging year for agriculture. Late spring planting, too much or too little rainfall, and a growing season with wide-ranging temperatures caused even more pressure for farmers in a time of economic challenges.
Despite these variabilities, preliminary data from Answer Plot® locations nationwide showed strong results from CROPLAN® corn hybrids and WinPak® soybean varieties. Here’s a deeper dive into 2018 numbers.
Corn: Yield, agronomic advantages
Nationally, CROPLAN corn hybrids delivered a 5.2-bushel-per-acre yield advantage on average over the competition,* demonstrating that we can go toe-to-toe against one of the best brands on the market. Regional numbers were strong as well.

Every year, we strive to improve our CROPLAN hybrid lineup. We evaluate our current products, decide what to keep and determine what experimental hybrids we’ve been testing over the years to move into our regular product offerings. In addition to yield potential, factors that we consider in formulating our product lineup include genetic makeup and the economic potential of that particular hybrid, as well as the agronomic aspects including roots and stalks, grain quality, and resistance to insect pressure and diseases such as gray leaf spot and Goss’s wilt.
Soybeans: Winning performance from WinPak varieties
A unique combination of two different but complementary soybean varieties, WinPak varieties work to help you manage field variability. Because we’re not able to predict what next year will bring, WinPak varieties can help you spread your risk by combining seeds that are able to better compensate for each other’s limitations. The numbers from 2018 below indicate WinPak varieties enjoyed both national and region-specific yield advantages across the board over non-WinPak varieties. According to 2018 results, regions with the most variability tended to see the most pronounced advantage.

Through our 2018 nationwide Answer Plot trials, we are able to see the profitability potential with WinPak varieties, and with less risk. Our data suggests that WinPak varieties have a yield advantage that actually increases with soil variability, field stresses and environmental challenges. In addition, because no special planting equipment is needed, WinPak varieties are an economical way to do a multi-variety placement.
The reliability of Answer Plot data
We test seed at nearly 200 Answer Plot locations across the United States, where we’re able to replicate our trials. We’ve generated more than 6 million data points from the Answer Plot program, with each data point statistically analyzed to help us deliver reliable, consistent insights to help you improve yield and profitability potential. Talk with your local trusted advisor about the quality of our data and how CROPLAN seed can fit into your 2019 planning.
*Source: 2018 Answer Plot trial data. Based on 232 comparisons against Pioneer corn hybrids.
Because of factors outside of WinField United's control, such as weather, applicator factors, etc., results to be obtained, including but not limited to yields, financial performance, or profits, cannot be predicted or guaranteed by WinField United. Actual results may vary.
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