NutriSolutions® tissue and soil analysis from WinField United combines expert insights and industry-leading products. Brought to life with the help of your WinField United local retailer, it lets you optimize crop nutrition and performance from the start of the season through harvest.


Effective plant nutrition takes proven insights. At WinField United, we’re committed to arming you with next-gen tools and rigorously tested data that deliver insights you can use to make the best decisions for your fields.

NutriSolutions App identifies which nutrients levels to address, and which to ignore.
The R7® Tool from WinField United is a powerful decision-ag tool that arms you to make the best decisions for your fields. Used with the help of your local retailer, it combines satellite imagery with local field data and unbiased product performance data to maximize ROI potential.
The Answer Plot® program provides accurate, localized data from nearly 200 Answer Plot® locations. Locations that have seen the same conditions your fields have. We test – and retest – products to uncover predictive, unbiased insights you can use to make the decisions that optimize your yield potential.
Laboratories and services are key to providing even better insights. Through investments in soil testing expertise and services with companies like Solum® and soil and tissue testing analyses with laboratories like SureTech®, we’re making sure you and your local expert have the details you need to make the right decisions about crop nutrient needs and timing.
Clinics create resources and opportunities to educate our farmers and help them optimize spray techniques and nutrient management.


A healthy harvest starts with healthy fields. Take care of yours with our wide selection of plant nutrition products. From getting crops off to a fast start to correcting deficiencies in-season, they help you take control of your fields and protect your yield potential. Learn more about our plant nutrition and performance products.

Our retailers know the ins and outs of crop production at the local level. That means they can help deliver the right plant nutrition program for your farm, acre by acre. Get started by contacting your local retailer.