Find the Right Program for Your Fields

If you want strong ROI from your fields you have to be precise about what you put into them. You need data and insights to get the most out of every dime and drop.

But how do you make it all work on every acre? Find out at one of our clinics.

Clinics are WinField United events hosted by your local retailer. They give you actionable information to help you manage your acres with the most strategic, precise placement of all your inputs. It’s insightful advice driven by ag tech data, trial results and our other proprietary insights, like our expansive tissue sample database and ongoing research from the WinField® United Innovation Center.

Why You Should Attend

Come see eye-opening demonstrations and participate in hands-on sessions. You’ll walk away with practical, insight-driven ways to answer questions like:
  • Where should I place herbicides, insecticides, fungicides?
  • What is the right nozzle, pressure and adjuvant for my tank mix?
  • How exactly should I manage drift, especially with the latest dicamba regulations?
  • When is the best time for me to apply nitrogen, and at what levels?  
  • Which plants need micronutrients the most? What areas are worth my effort?
  • What is a Response to Fungicide (RTF) score? How can I use this information to best position fungicide applications for a better ROI?
  • What local insights do you have for my area?


Attend a Clinic

Contact your local retailer for dates and times.