• Jun 01, 2017

What’s New for the Answer Plot® Program in 2017?

Answer Plot Sign
The growing season is well underway, and we’re looking forward to upcoming Answer Plot® events across the country. These programs are an opportunity for interactive learning from experts who are familiar with local conditions and agronomics. Our goal is to help you make the best management decisions, so you can increase productivity and efficiency on your farm.

Here are a few of the new demonstrations you may see at your local Answer Plot® location this year.
  • Soybean farmer decision trial – We’ll take a comprehensive look at soybean management, including analysis of specific genetics and response to various crop inputs. The insights from this trial will help you fine-tune production decisions using products and technology that work best for specific agronomic conditions.
  • Soybean genetic performance – Are you wondering how the new soybean herbicide traits perform with current genetics? This trial will evaluate product performance among various trait and genetic packages.
  • Soybean treatments –There are a lot of soybean seed treatment options out there, but what works best for your situation? This trial will compare the efficacy and response of different treatments under various field conditions.
  • Plant health study – This evaluation in corn, soybeans and wheat can help establish the best time frame to apply a foliar fungicide. We’ll compare early, late and two-pass applications to determine ways to achieve optimal return on investment potential.
  • Nitrogen modeling –Nitrogen modeling tools can help predict when and where nitrogen is needed for more precise application. This trial is designed to validate various modeling tools and compare return on investment. 
In addition to these demonstrations, we’re also expanding our larger scale Answer Plot® research trials. We’ve updated trial design to minimize field variability for more accurate recommendations. We’ve also expanded our silage testing program in collaboration with Forage Genetics International. This year, we’ll be evaluating more genetics across diverse field environments for better characterization of our silage products.

Be sure to attend one of the planned agronomic training events at an Answer Plot® location near you. For more information, visit answerplot.com or talk with your local retailer.